random leadership stuff from leith anderson

April 17, 2010 — Leave a comment

Andy shared some leadership notes that he took while spending time with Leith Anderson a few weeks back. I thought I’d dump them on here for you to take a look at. Help me process this stuff…what do you think about it?–

  • There are chapters in a church. There are times when a Pastor needs to close a chapter in the book and open another.
  • Church surveys tend to bring up the worst and they are not always reliable.
  • Keep the same sermon to keep the same DNA in every campus.
  • Brand control is the responsibility of the Senior Pastor. It is his responsibility to define who we are.
  • The larger the church becomes, the less models there are out their to copy.
  • Staff Meetings: Everybody writes their agenda on Friday and we discuss it on Tuesday in staff meeting. Everybody submits a report about what they talked about the last week and what they want to talk about the next week.
  • Every single visitor who writes something on a communication card is given attention in the staff meeting.
  • We want to answer your questions. We want you to feel like you heard and you got a personal touch.
  • Never read unsigned letters or emails. It immediately goes into the shredder.
  • At the beginning church plants need to be based on the planting Pastor. Then it shifts as it grows into small group focused.
  • Different chapters, do different things.
  • I always hire younger.
  • In America right now, there is a major shift of older Pastors retiring. There aren’t enough young pastors to replace them.
  • An amateur says what should I say? A pro says who is my audience?
  • Discipleship is customized.
  • When do people want to grow spiritually? When they’re ready.
  • If sermons are only good 2 out of the 4, don’t expect people to invite
  • Seize an opportunity, don’t try to solve a problem
  • All of the small groups have a ministry and mission. Whenever the small groups start doing things in the community, it engages the community in a new way.
  • Staff retreats, twice a year for a couple of days and 4 times a year we go and experience something together.
  • Old people talk about yesterday, young people talk about tomorrow because we talk about what we have the most of.
  • Everything we do teaches.
  • Everybody is a member. Every person who serves, gets hired, etc…becomes a member first.
  • Breakthroughs happen when you behave like a church larger than you are.