Larry Osborne [Session 1]

March 3, 2011 — 4 Comments

Andy and I flew down to the San Diego area on Tuesday. Growing Healthy Churches invited some Pastors from the region to have a 24-hour conference with Larry Obsorne at North Coast Church.

Here are some notes from Session 1 with Larry Osborne.

  • You should place equal importance on the first and second part of the great commission.
  • I learned that when I had a very small church and I was trying to grow it… “I was using the people I had to reach the people I wanted.”
  • RELAX and shepherd the people you have
  • When you begin to love people, they just start inviting.
  • Think about your favorite restaurant: “Nobody has to tell you to refer, when people love it… it just happens.”

Hard Lessons about Sticky Church:

  • Assimilation is not [necessarily] retention
  • “Friendship is the stickiest thing you can connect people to”
  • A great goal: “Everyone at our church has a best friend there also”
  • Stickiness always starts with church health
  • “when a church has conflict, it repels”
  • “burn out scares people”
  • “lack of spiritual growth bores people”
  • “It doesn’t take a whole lot for a long-time Christian to believe they are growing”
  • “don’t kill the ponies” – don’t kill your volunteers
  • “The people who serve are more important than the people they serve”
  • Friendliness is NOT Connection
  • As a church approaches 200 people, everyone’s relational capacity is full
  • Create new small groups, for new people
  • Create new connection opportunities for new people
  • Count faces, not just #’s
  • “Whatever is important, we find a way to measure.”
  • ELEVATE other leaders in the church to help people move connections from ONLY the senior pastor
  • “When you can get the freshman to a party, they’re going to connect.” (freshman, aka new people, come in without connections, they have relational margin in their life)
  • “If I can velcro people to the Bible and to other Christians, I’ve set them up for growth.”
  • The Mark of Spiritual Maturity is Obedience… immaturity is a symptom of sin

Session 2, 3 and 4 will be released later.