Rain, by Dessa Potter

June 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

My grandma sent an email the other day with a poem attached. Here it is:



Today’s gift came wrapped in crystal drops of rain.

Is there anything more beautiful

that a freshly opened rose that is

covered in shiny drops of rain?


I love the bright sunny days of spring & summer

but an unexpected day of gentle rain is:

a soothing sound on the roof,

clears the air of pollens,

settles the dust,

makes the trees more beautiful,

makes the lawn sparkle,

and refreshes my spirit.


Lord, may my life be like a refreshing drop of rain

Help it clear someone’s troubled mind,

help me have cheerful, clear,  encouraging thoughts

that will brighten someone’s day.

May my life be refreshing to someone who

has lost the sparkle in their life.


My goal is to serve by brightening someone’s life

like You have made mine bright

by  Your presence and love in my life.

Thank You for refreshing sleep and

the blessing of waking to crystal drops of rain.


Dessa Potter

June 4, 2011