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May 6, 2012 — 16 Comments

Three and half years ago Erica and I moved to Santa Rosa, Ca with our little dog Cooper. We moved for a few reasons.

A picture we took while visiting San Francisco 6 months before we moved to Santa Rosa, Ca.

I was coming out of a difficult situation and wounded.

We knew we needed to get out of town [Fresno/Clovis] to rebuild.
I knew I needed to learn from someone [Andy] who was working in the North Point model.
We knew that one day we would plant a church.
We did not know where.
We did not know how long we would be at New Vintage Church.
We said, “We’ll give it two years.”
Three and half years later we’re making the jump.
We’ve seen incredible moments of life-change.
We’ve been inspired by the stories of people like Chloe, Dennis, Heather, Donna, Jessica, Laura, and Jerry (to name a few).
But the story to put us over the edge was Lori.

We are so grateful to being a part of a place like New Vintage, where people like Lori can come from a completely Atheist background, walk in our doors, find a relationship with Jesus and be completely changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
It’s incredible.
But when we watched her baptism video, all we could think of were the people in Fresno/Clovis that we love.
And the question sparked in our minds… “Who is reaching the people we love in our hometown?”

Isaiah 6:8
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

I’ve heard it said that you plant a church “because you love people.”
Every time I’ve heard that, I’ve thought, “How can you love all people, unless your God?”
But now I understand that statement. It’s not just a general category of “people.”
It’s PEOPLE… as in specific NAMES.
And that’s why we’re planting Two Cities Church. [Facebook / Twitter]

So, Erica, Josiah, Baby Foster and myself are moving back to our hometown.
I realize there are probably tons of questions and I’ll be blogging about this adventure frequently.
Ask away.

P.S. Here’s a little post about when we moved to NVC and why.



16 responses to big announcement.

  1. Mike Brennan May 6, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    Hey Micah – way to go on stepping out! I pray that God supplies all you & your family’s needs. I look forward to hearing some amazing stories of how God is moving in the near future. Be well friend!

  2. Heather Clemente’ May 6, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Best of luck to you on your exciting new adventure! May God bless you along the way & always! Home is where the heart is 🙂

  3. MICAH!!!!!! DUDE!!!! So thrilled for you, though I know the jump is one filled with both hope and perhaps a degree of terror 😉 You are an immensely gifted guy, and I know the Lord is going to bless you going forward. If there’s anything we can do to bless your ministry, let us know. Looking forward to seeing how God is going to use you.

    • Tim, It’s a big step out of the boat for sure! Thanks for your kind words.
      Things you can do to bless our ministry:

      -Consider us missionaries and give (online giving coming)

      Checks can be sent to
      Two Cities Church
      c/o Micah Foster
      1865 Herndon Ave K304
      Clovis, Ca 93611

      -Pray for us
      -Send all your Fresno/Clovis people our way

      God Bless!

  4. Robin Kincheloe May 7, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Hi Micha and Erica…Micha I was so deeply sad when this announcement was made but it was for selfish reasons and for that i apologize. I thank you so much for what you have installed into my son (Nate). He looks up to you more than I can express. Im very excited for you both and for what God has in plans for you all. You Fresno folks better understand just how lucky you are. You both are so gifted. I feel it in my heart you will do well. I was hoping you could Baptize Nate…will you still be around by the time NVC has another night of worship

    • Robin, Your reaction is within the normal range of human emotion. I expect a bit of that.

      We’ve loved getting to know you and your family. We hope to have both Nate and Lesley baptized on a Sunday morning in the next few weeks. As long as Erica isn’t in the hospital in labor, I’d be honored to baptize Nate.

  5. Oh no:( Yes,purely selfish reasons have me in tears right now. You have brought me through sooo much, taught me sooo much, taught me how to love myself and not be afraid of the past because God loves me for who I am and the person He created. Erica is such a wonderful woman and you both mean so much to me as well as my daughter Jessica. I will never forget the day you filmed me for my baptism and how comfortable and unashamed you made me feel even when I told the story of how I came to give my life to Jesus Christ because of all the horrible things life threw at me since the age of 13. God has given you a wonderful gift now in your new life journey. I am finally better and able to attend church again, and I know that I will cry as soon as I see both you and Erica, but they are happy tears for you all and like I said selfish tears for not having you near and dear to my heart. Thank you Micah for coming in to my life at the perfect time. I know you will be awesome at your own church. God Bless you and Erica, Josiah and Baby Foster. When are you planning the move? Thank you for everything. God be with you.

    • Donna, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. We have loved getting to know you and your family. We hope to keep our relationships and connection to New Vintage very much alive. We don’t have a date to our move because we are waiting for our baby girl to be born. We’ll see you Sunday!

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  6. ghavinn crutcher May 9, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    Micah this is awesome! God uses us in different ways, the last few years have prepped you to be ready for everything that will come your way. May God bless you andkeep you. Just recently God put on my heart to become the minister of the church I spent all of my teenage and early 20s and God has been good! Look forward to hearing your wins

  7. Joyce Watson May 9, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Stepping out with faith into the will of God is about the safest place you can be. I know the Lord will honor your willingness to go where he sends you. May the Lord bless everything you put your hands to, as you bring glory to His Kingdom. We look forward to having your family back home.

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