The Waiting Room.

May 23, 2012 — 10 Comments

We’re two days past our baby girl’s due date.

I’ve got two questions for you:

1. What foods do you recommend?
(I’m only interested in how to spur on this delivery with food… don’t give me any other kinds of tips)

2. What do you think her name will be?
(We’re not telling until she arrives)

And no, we’re not in a physical waiting room right now… but we’re playing the waiting game.

  • Chris Loach

    1. Let me cook.
    2. I still think it should be Christina.

    • micahfoster

      you can bring us food after. nooo, on christina.

  • Jenn Larson

    You already heard my theory on Red Sauce, but sense that didn’t work I say to try spicy Mexican food next. And lots of walking… Up hill and down. (sorry Erica, but it worked for me) ;0)

    • micahfoster

      erica is not ready for any hikes, lol. we walked spring lake with josiah, but not this time.

  • Sharon Hall

    1. Eating pineapple is suppose to soften the uterus & cervix…& spicy food. 2. Abigail

    • micahfoster

      We had pineapple sausage for dinner. We’ll see.

  • Julie Biorkman

    1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. If you can find it.
    2. Rachel

    • micahfoster

      Julie, you are the winner! I emailed you with the code.

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  • Kelly Solberg

    1. jalapeno poppers
    2. kellen

    • micahfoster

      thanks for commenting kelly. but we’re not using kelley.