Happy National Sibling Day

April 10, 2018 — Leave a comment

I had two distinct parts of my childhood.

1. The third child.

2. The last child.

I have a brother and sister, who are roughly 8 and 5 years older than me, respectively.

My brother, Jason, left for college in the fall of ’91 and my sister, Cheronn did the same in the fall of ’94 and finally I did the same… to the same college, in the fall of ’00.

That means I lived at home with my brother for almost 9 years and with my sister for almost 13.

Then from 13-18, I was the last child.

My brother and sister greatly influenced me. They were heroes for me.

Jason was the video pro. He recorded, to VHS, every movie we rented. He would, without a computer, mind you, re-edit, or re-mix different music over his favorite action sequences. I vividly remember watching the Speeder Bike chase scene from Return of the Jedi remixed to the song Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.

Sort of like this…only way before this guy did it.

I looked up to his sweet skills and still do.

Cheronn was the musical talent that I aspired to be. I took voice lessons with her when I was in elementary school from the accompanist of the Clovis West Choir program. I remember recitals and performances. She’s not the only musical person in the family, but she was the one I saw perform the most.

I attended her evening rehearsals for her Women’s Chorale so much that I learned the songs, in Latinor whatever languages they were singing in. I loved going to those.

I was a strange kid, I know.

Don’t get me wrong, I was, in their words… a turd to them, especially Cheronn. But I’ve always loved and respected them.

I still admire them.

My brother still works with video, he’s a high school video teacher, he teaches math too, and his students are going on to produce content and do things in that industry.

My sister surprised us all just a couple of years ago by starting a pursuit into nursing. She’s done lots of different things and it took a long time and the temporary loss of our mom to cancer, to help her find a passion she wants to pursue.

I am so proud of her for bravely pursuing something she feels called to do with her life.

She recently was “pinned” and finished her nursing program at Clark Community College in Vancouver, WA. With the help of our dad, I was able to go surprise her and support her by attending the ceremony.

Here’s a documentation of that journey.

I don’t know if you have siblings, but today, I hope you can remember and appreciate them.

Give them a call, text, or write a blog post honoring them. They deserve it. After all, you were probably a turd to them too. 👍🏼

I love you, Jason and Cheronn. Thanks for always supporting me.