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Taste the Fruit

August 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I came across this video and it stuck with me.
These cocoa farmers living in the Ivory Coast have no idea what their fruit is used to produce.
Watch the video, it’s over 5 minutes long, you’ll have to pay attention because you’ll need to read the subtitles to understand it.

I love their faces when they try chocolate for the first time.
They can’t believe that their fruit helps produce that product.
Most of these cocoa farmers would taste the fruit, but never taste the real fruit, the finished product in their lifetime.
But for these few that have the privilege to taste it, they are now fired up about what they get to be a part of.

It’s the same for the church.
If you volunteer, give, invite or are involved in a church in any way, you probably don’t get to taste the fruit you help produce.
And every once in a while you may run across a story of someone who thanked the church for something and you automatically disqualified yourself as a part of that story because you don’t feel like you do anything very significant.
After all, you just play with babies and change diapers, right?
You just shake some hands and say hello, right?
You just control some nobs and switches, right?
You just play some music, right?
You just sit in a row with someone you brought, right?
You just set up stuff, right?


You help produce fruit that will last for eternity.
Everything you do contributes to the whole church and benefits the church.
Every dollar you give.
Every time you serve.
Every person you invite… even if they don’t come.
Every team you are on or group you are a part of.
Every seat you fill.
Every hand you shake.

Everything matters. Everything counts. Everything builds. Everything produces.

On Friday, August 29, Two Cities Church will have the opportunity to taste the fruit of our labor at a baptism gathering.
For a moment, we get to see what’s happened on the inside of the people we reach.
It’s amazing. It’s like toiling hard for something and not tasting it, but then in a moment, someone gives us a glimpse of what’s really going on.
So much of ministry is internal, the changing of hearts over a period of time, lives change slowly and often without anybody knowing.

Now, who’s ready for some chocolate?
I can’t wait to taste the fruit of our toil.

Baptism Gathering Pictures

November 30, 2013 — 2 Comments

On Nov 22 Two Cities Church had our first ever Baptism Gathering. Cady Hurtado and Mauro DeBenedetto went public with their faith in Jesus Christ and boldly proclaimed Him as their Lord and Savior. Videos will follow later, but here’s a few pictures from the evening. Most of these were during the video shoot or rehearsal, but you get the idea…

If you’re interested in baptism, reach out, let’s talk.

What happened yesterday?

November 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

It’s time to celebrate what God’s been doing in and through¬†Two Cities Church.

  • Paul Haugen’s brother told a coworker about TCC. That guy came and said to Paul’s brother after, “It was great. Micah was a really good speaker and the music was awesome. I will definitely go back in December.”
  • Thilani Grubel had a mom come back to her after their video testimony played and give her a huge hug. The Grubels’ story seemed to really touch people’s hearts.
  • Micah had several people come up to him after commenting about what a great service it was.
  • Waumba Land doubled in attendance from Glimpse service #1!
  • One man said, “Just want to say how grateful my family and I are for two cities. It is a church for unchurched for sure, but it also is a church we enjoy even though we are “churched.” We wouldn’t have a place to hear from God if you guys didn’t exist.”
  • Several Waumba Land kids were able to retell the story they heard in Large Group!
  • Someone came up to Chris Loach at the connections table after and said, “I think this is where we will be coming now and I can’t wait to bring my niece who’s 22 here.”
  • Someone told Darren Grubel she has been struggling for awhile, but felt home in the first 5 minutes.
  • Tyler (Lisa’s son) came to help us set up yesterday morning. He has been going through a difficult time, and this was a big step!
  • We had over 100 people again, even on a night where there were a lot of other options including the Winter Jam at Save Mart Center.
  • One couple dropped their son Ghavin off in WL for the first time they have left him anywhere, and he did great!
  • One of the young guys in the Loach’s Launch Group brought 3 guys with him from his fraternity and they were really excited after and took home CDs of an Andy Stanley sermon which communicates our vision.
  • Paul and Jenn’s sister in law came with her two girls. Her daughter said to Grace (her cousin) after Waumba Land, “This church is fun! I want to come again.”
  • The guy who drove our trailer said he wants to come back and check it out.
  • We have tapped into a really good group of young musicians who seem to really enjoy playing and want to come back.
  • A mom who had two kids in WL wrote on our Facebook wall, “had the BEST time tonight and can’t wait for more events!”¬†Josiah (my son) was so excited all day for WL. At bedtime he said “When I am bigger I will work at TCC and talk to all the people in the other room like Daddy.” A selfish win, but in all honesty planting this church has been the best thing we could have done for our family. Our kids are seeing God work in real tangible ways and are excited about church and learning about God!

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Were you there?
What did you think?