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Rachel Lewis is a Student Impact volunteer at Two Cities Church. She’s a student at Buchanan High School and this is the story of how she searched for and found Two Cities online. Came with her mom and eventually decided to be baptized. Here’s her story:

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Mentors: Heather Bishop

February 25, 2012 — Leave a comment

This post is part of my Mentors Blog Post Series.

Mid-year, my sophomore year at Buchanan High School, I transferred schools to Clovis West High School. There were several factors, one was that I did not connect with any teacher, staff, or administration. I believe that wherever you are, it’s important to find those who can mentor you. At Buchanan, I had none. I knew the choir program was amazing at Clovis West, because my sister was a part of it and I also knew the German program was good. Since I planned on spending some time in Germany during my college years, I knew that would be a plus.

When I transferred, it was with one of my best friends, Gerald. We both joined choir right away and met Mrs. Heather Bishop. She was a great influence and mentor all through out high school and beyond. She was also a gracious host when a church I worked at was using her rooms while being a portable church. But you don’t have to take my word for it. She’s now at Clovis North and was recently named KSEE 24’s Educator of the Week. Click the image above to watch the video.

One current student says:

She is so amazingly talented and we would be nothing without her coaching. She doesn’t help just the choir sound better, she helps each individual voice, so it’s a great product.

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