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I recently had the opportunity to hear author Margaret Feinberg, at the Catalyst Conference, share how her book Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool and Honey came about. Actually, every attender got a free copy of her book! (Thank You!) Since I was in the nose-bleed section, I got a signed copy…very cool.

Over the past month I’ve travelled with Feinberg through the pages of her book. Taking in glimpses of my savior in ways I had not thought of him before. The old illustrations I’ve heard all my life have blossomed into something more real simply through her explorations of what it means for Jesus to be The Good Shepherd. Feinberg also explores other parables and stories that involve wine, vines and honey.┬áThe details of being a Shepherd, Vintner or Bee Keeper bring new meaning and light to these stories from the bible.

What does it mean for Jesus to proclaim that he leaves the 99 to find the 1 lost sheep? Well, that’s a very common thing for Shepherds. Of course you’d leave the 99, because there is strength in numbers. The 99 are better protected, but that 1 needs his Shepherd to find him or he will most certainly die. Sheep can’t live without a Shepherd. They need someone to lead them to still waters and green pastures. When alone, the enemy targets them and wins.

This book is told as short stories and vignettes that are sure to color your personal understanding of scripture and your devotions. I recommend this easy read to you. Go buy it, read it and you’ll see what I mean.

This has been part of the Scouting the Divine Blog Tour.

Catalyst has been amazing so far. Each communicator brings his own set of gifts, style, insights and pondering to the table. Each one unique and that’s why they were asked to speak.

There’s one thing I’m noticing that I hope we can change. Let’s stop asking the question, “Did you like him (or her)?” to “Is what he (or she) said true and helpful?”

Also, I’m curious to know how many pastors, communicators, preachers, teachers or leaders would say that every word they’ve ever taught or preached was %100 truth. Do you believe that is true of you? I’m really curious. Would love to hear your thoughts.