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Volunteer Staff

July 26, 2013 — Leave a comment

Before we began the journey of church-planting, Paul Haugen and I met with Steve Davidson, Co-Lead Pastor of Clovis Hills Community Church. I wanted to let him know that we appreciate the work he and Clovis Hills has done in our community and in many ways we “stand on the shoulders” of him and several other pastors in town who have paved the way for church-planting in our two cities. While picking his brain on the experience he had in church planting he told me to get as many qualified volunteer staff as possible to take on certain tasks and departments.

In that spirit and following my previous post Who is our Customer, I thought it would be fitting to introduce our volunteer staff at Two Cities Church. So here’s a snapshot of our volunteer staff positions. These are people who have decided they want to be a part of this to the point where they will put in extra time and use the talents they have to further the mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. There are four main departments in terms of staff structure at Two Cities. Those are: Service Programming, Family Ministry, Group Life, and Ministry Services. Many of use wear multiple hats and in some cases, in multiple departments. Over the long haul that won’t work, but we will always be working to replace ourselves. In no particular order…

(the following pictures were taken from their twitter profiles, so that’s why paul looks like a little girl… lol)

Paul Haugen, Service Programming Director [In 2014, Paul became a part-time staff member, while holding down two other jobs.]

Erica Foster, Children’s Ministry Director, Waumba Land Director

Erika Loach, UpStreet Director

Chris Loach, Director of Ministry Services, UpStreet Large Group Coordinator, Student Ministry Director

Darren Grubel, Production Director, Media Director

Thilani Grubel, Media Director, Production Vol. Coordinator, Graphic Designer

Tim Douty, Music Director

Jill Douty, Vocal Director

brian costume
Brian Weber, Guest Services Director

I imagine that in the coming months we will discover amongst our team a great Group Life Director, team captains for many strategic service teams and lots of fantastic volunteers! The people listed above are just the volunteer STAFF, not all of the volunteers, but the ones specific asked to fill a role that in the future, may be full-time, part-time or contract work. Every one of these people has filled these rolls before at different churches,

[Last updated on July 11, 2014]


This past Sunday night we, Two Cities Church, had an event called Your Move. We gathered some of our core together and some new people to talk about a few things on the horizon. Things like Guest Services, our 0-5 year-old environment (Waumba Land) and our new timeline. Just as I began the ending prayer a young couple walked in the doors. They were greeted by Jill Douty, one of our team members, and they sat down at their table. After I ended the event and started talking to people in the crowd, I came over and introduced myself. It turns out that they’re looking for a church, they were driving by and they saw our two big feather signs at the street. They saw cars in the parking lot and stopped in.

You never know who’s going to show up and you never know what their story is, but we’re creating a church that people off the street might walk in, only catch a couple minutes of what we’re doing and say… “I’d like to check this out further.” This couple connected with Jill and said they’d like to come to the Launch Group that the Douty’s lead at their home on Sundays.

Thank you to Thilani for designing the signs.
Thank you Chris for printing them through your business (Revision Printing).
Thank you Chris for setting them up and tearing them down on Sunday.
Thank you Jill for engaging them.
You guys are rock stars.
It’s worth it.

It’s Worth It. Part 1
It’s Worth it. Part 2
It’s Worth it. Part 3
It’s Worth it. Part 4

Meet Chris & Erika

April 16, 2013 — 2 Comments

About a month ago, we created a new micro-site to help show our friends, family, supporters and interested people WHO is involved with Two Cities Church. This site has had approx. curious 650 visitors within a three-week period. We will continually update the site as we shoot new videos. Here’s the second of many installments of #WeAreTwoCities.

Meet Chris and Erika Loach….

*This post was posted at 4:12am in honor of Kim Descalso*

Yesterday, I led worship for our k-6th grade environment, UpStreet.
I introduced a new version of Happy and You Know it.
My expectations were that the kids would have a good time with it.
My expectations were not that the kids would have such a great time, they’d pull out their cameras and shoot video.

Here’s a snippet of the worship with the kids.
And yes, I did pull up two high school students to do the movements.

Then, later in the afternoon Chris got our students to pull me up on stage to show them the song.
It’s crazy to me that we did this song at InsideOut!
I made Erika and Kim come on stage and help me with the motions this time!
It’s even crazier that they have fun with it.
Who knew?

How have you made a fool of yourself lately for the sake of ministry?

“Just Call Me Cupid”

November 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

Just call me cupid.
Those were the words my wife said when we found out that our friends Chris and Erika were engaged.

How I met Chris:
Chris visited New Vintage, I found a blog post he did. I reached out to him and we met up at Starbucks. I could tell Chris has some potential, he agreed to come visit our student ministry and see if he might want to volunteer. A few months later, I hired him part-time to be our Student Ministries Director.

How I met Erika:
My wife, Erica, was neighbors with Erika in Fresno growing up. Erica babysat Erika. Confused yet? When we moved to Santa Rosa, Erika visited Sonoma State University. She was a high school senior at the time. We met up with her at our local Starbucks (notice a theme here) and talked to her about our church and community. When Erika moved, she immediately started volunteering in our church. She started an internship program with us and quickly moved into a part-time position. She is currently our Waumba Land Director (Birth-PreK).

Here’s two quick videos we did as part of a “my story” video campaign at New Vintage Church.

They met.
They dated.
They got engaged.
They’ve asked Josiah to be a ring-bearer.
And they’ve asked me to officiate their wedding.
I’m pretty excited to see what God does through their lives and marriage.

on becoming family…

January 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

Last Sunday Nathan posted this on his blog. Just thought I’d share.

My Church Family
About a year ago I realized that I was missing a number of things in my life. Since moving away from the safety of my residence in my Small High School Town onto my Beautiful College Campus (which I now live adjacent to), I had not regularly been attending church. My first two years in college, I did not have an automobile with which to transport myself, and all the churches I rode my bike/scooter to did not interest me.

I figured that as long as I lived by the principals of Christianity, and kept a fellowship of believers about me, I’d be fine. And to some extent, that was true. The sins I committed weren’t any different than those I committed while regularly attending church, and I got to sleep in on Sundays too.

Some poor choices, and good friends who were there to comfort me in the wake of poor choices, made me question why I was not attending church. I realized that since I had acquired my driving license and an automobile, I really had no reason not to attend church. Additionally, I had friends who attended churches. So I began attending churches with my friends.

Then one week a number of my friends were out of town. In fact, everyone who I had been attending churches was gone. Now I grew up in a household where if you go to church, you go to church. EVERY WEEK. NO MATTER WHAT. So Saturday night, I made a google church for churches in a town nearby my Beautiful California University, where I’d found better church options. Now, the town next to my Beautiful California University is where I grew up until I moved to my Small High School Town. I remembered that one time when I was about 13 or so, I heard about a church that was doing new, crazy and innovative things. I didn’t remember what the church was called, so I went on Google Maps to the location of the church, and then Googled the church. After browsing the website for about 10 minutes, I decided that it looked retro and trendy enough for me to check out. I noted the address and the service time, and went to sleep.

I walked in and was greeted. Woohoo. I was greeted again when I walked into the actual auditorium where the service was held. I sat in the back. I worshipped, then listened to the sermon, which was on a topic that came up multiple times in my life the week before (this is a whole other story though). Then I left.

The worship service had lights and smoke, like a concert. The speaker was really energetic and engaging. I was intrigued, and interested in going back. I called one of my friends that had been attending churches with me, and told her about it. She was excited, as opposed to my vague skepticism. The next week she went with me, and liked it. We attended together for awhile, then summer break came, and she went home for a few weeks.

At this time, I must note that I had absolutely no interest in connecting to the church I was attending. I did not want friends, I did not want to deal with church politics, I did not want to become one of those yuppies who goes to lunch after church. I did not want any of that. I was perfectly happy going to church, then returning home and continuing with my day.

Early-ish in the summer, a man added me on Facebook through my churches Facebook page. I learned that he was one of the leaders at my church. Then some other people did. The man, who has a name (Micah, in case you were wondering) sent me a message on Facebook, and asked if I’d like to get lunch. I agreed, and we met at In-N-Out. I had a yummy cheeseburger. He probably thought I was crazy for bringing in my sustainable water bottle, instead of just getting a cup. Whatever. Anyways, little did I know this was the first step in a long journey.

Through this lunch, I became involved with the youth program on Sunday mornings at my church. I was going to be a small group leader. I was excited to stretch my strengths and try new things. All my work has been with college students. This was a chance to work with a different age group. Yay!

In the fall, the youth program started up after a summer hiatus. At first, I still didn’t care to connect to the other leaders. I would talk to them and stuff. One week we went to frozen yogurt, and that was cool. But overall. Bleh. Then this guy named Chris came along and shook things up. Micah told us to all go to lunch together and brainstorm some ideas for games to play before the youth service started. So we went to lunch. The discussion was legit. And fun.

The next week, Chris was all “let’s go to lunch!” I was like “eh. okay. sure. whatever” and went. Then the next week, he was like “let’s go to lunch” and I was like “yeah. alright.” Slowly, it became a regular thing. It was no longer “let’s go to lunch,” now the question has become “where’re we going to lunch?”

In fact, I now have a church family. I am involved as a volunteer at my church. I go to lunch every week after church. In fact, in a way, I have accepted this and planned it into my life. It is the weekly thing. Go to church. Hang out with awesome jr. high and high school students. Lead discussions. Have fun. Go to lunch. Be there ’til 4pm-ish.

I spend all week looking forward to hanging out on Sunday afternoons with Chris, Erika, Amy, Kelsey, Seth, and sometimes Lisa-Marie. Even Micah, Erica and Josiah would join us. A few times, we were even joined by Andy, the church pastor. I look forward to it so much that I’ve started getting coffee with Chris during the week.

I didn’t realize how much this meant to me until today. Chris and Erika were out of town. I felt a little bit of an empty spot and I realized how much my church family meant to me. In fact, as I was talking to Amy today about going to Grad School in August-ish, I realized that in just a few short months, I’m going to miss this family I’ve become a part of. I’m going to miss them a lot.

So I wanted to share a bit of that with you.

My Story: Chris

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And the Winner is…

January 23, 2011 — 2 Comments

Congrats to Chris Loach (Twitter / Blog) for winning the Home Screen Contest. Here’s a little info about his pic. The girl in the image just started tweeting and they just became “facebook-official” not too long ago. Her name is Erika and my wife babysat her when she was little. They were neighbors in Clovis, Ca. Now Erika goes to Sonoma State University and babysits Josiah. She is also a great volunteer in InsideOut along with Chris. I won’t tell you the age difference between them… but it’s big. lol. So, Chris, claim your prize… CD or Gift Card?

Blender Dare with Chris

January 15, 2011 — 1 Comment

(Blender Dare) My Story: Chris from New Vintage Church on Vimeo.