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Flula is a funny internet (youtube) star, hype man, dj and German who lives in SoCal.
He produces hilarious videos on youtube all the time.
From time-to-time we choose a funny video from Flula and show it in our pre-service countdown at church, or in our student ministry environment.
Whenever we do that, we tell him about it via twitter and he gets a big kick out of his videos being “in church.”

Yesterday I checked our student ministry twitter account (@insideoutnvc) and noticed he’d sent us a video.

(Previous post about Fula’s video he made for me, personally.)

Boo Ja from DJ Flula

December 2, 2011 — 1 Comment

A couple of weeks ago I click on a link from someone I follow on twitter which lead me to a goldmine of funny videos produced by a german guy named Flula. If you haven’t watched any of this videos, here’s one we’ve shown in our pre-service “10B4” videos at New Vintage Church:

After we showed this video, I tweeted at him and let him know we used it. He commented back and we’ve talked back and forth a few times. I get the impression he’s never had a positive relationship with a church before. The other day I checked my twitter feed and a reply with a link was in my feed from Flula. Here’s what he was sharing with me:

Flula, thanks again for entertaining me.

Found this guy when someone tweeted a link.
Thought this video was hilarious.
I laugh everytime.