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Violent Flu

December 31, 2010 — Leave a comment

Yesterday I started feeling in pretty bad shape and feared the worst…  another episode of dehydration. It all started with a pounding headache. I took some medicine in the morning and it went away. Two hours and later and my head was pounding again. I shrugged it off and was working through it… we were planning a New Year’s Eve party and needed to get a lot done. Not to mention… “Sunday’s a coming” and I was scheduled to lead worship.

In the evening we went out to get some dinner and run to the grocery store. We went to Crepevine and I was feeling worse every minute that passed. Erica got it to go and we went home to eat. I could hardly eat anything. I downed 2 gatorades and went to sleep for two hours. When I woke up, I felt worse than before.

Erica looked at me and said, “Do you need to go to the ER?” I couldn’t make up my mind. But just to be safe, since I had been dangerously dehydrated twice before in the last four years, I decided to go in. Erica called Harley, one of our babysitters at 11:45pm and she came right over.

They ran the tests. Everything came back normal and they said I caught the stomach flu. I haven’t thrown up in over 8 years and last night…well, it was violent. I’ve never thrown up blood before, but I now know that if it’s “violent” you’ll pop some blood vessels. I recommend not doing that.

I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday, still have some aches and a pounding headache, but I remember seeing this video about a Man Cold a while ago and thought I’d share it. Every time I’m sick I think I’m going to die and that’s why this video is so funny.

Thanks to my wife for taking care of me and Josiah!
Thanks to Harley for babysitting from 11:45-3am.
Thanks to Chris, Amy and Seth for being flexible with their new year’s plans.
Thanks to Jen Galovich for stepping in to lead worship on Sunday last minute.
Thanks to my mom for calling and checking up on me.
Thanks to the ER at Kaiser Santa Rosa for being efficient and clean.

Weekend Update

May 16, 2010 — 2 Comments

This weekend we drove to Fresno, Ca for Erica’s cousin’s wedding (Samantha Solberg). The pic above is from their rehearsal. It was a lot of fun seeing everybody and being able to be at their wedding. However, Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, I started feeling pretty bad. Shivers, headache, no appetite, body aches (particularly in my lower back), sweats, dizziness, and my eyes had a lot of sensitivity to light. I made it through the wedding, despite the up and down, up and down flow of a Catholic wedding. Then I took a nap before the reception. I went to meet everyone at the reception, after my 45-minute nap and felt worse than before. So, I went to the hospital. This happened to me two years ago and I turned out to be dehydrated. I went to Kaiser and sat in the ER for 2 hours waiting to be called. All I could do is concentrate on my breathing so that I didn’t feel the pain as much. After they called me in, I had a bed in “Hall D” because all of the rooms were full. After another hour wait I finally got hooked up to an IV and received two bags of “sugar water.” They had a hard time finding a good vein because they were “flat.” I turned out to be dehydrated again.

The weird thing is both times this has happened to me I had been drinking a lot of water. I drank at least 10 bottles of water yesterday (Saturday). And the time before I also drank a lot of water. The bottom line is that I have to do a follow up with my doctor in Santa Rosa and see if I have something else going on that would cause this kind of problem.

We’re planning on driving back to Santa Rosa tomorrow. I’ve been in bed all day today, I still have a little headache and my eyes are still sensitive to light. Now I just feel like a have a cold/flu. Hopefully that will be gone within the next couple of days so that I can get back to normal. Keep me in your prayers and thanks for your support.

Favorite Picture

September 27, 2009 — Leave a comment

This is my favorite hospital picture from our time there after Josiah’s birth.FSCN0109

…on his way

September 18, 2009 — Leave a comment

Our boy is on his way 🙂

This past week Erica and I went to Kaiser for one of our anticipation appointments. You know, the appointments that never end before your first child is born! We are anticipating his arrival sometime in the next 5 weeks (realistically). Due date Sep 12 – actual date…anytime between now and when he comes.

I always like to read what businesses have on their walls. It is another issue of whether or not “what’s written on the wall, happens down the hall,” but at least you know they’re trying. I snapped this pic and thought it was a really interesting diagram of making customer service personal. What can we learn from this?IMG_1052

5StratErica and I went to Kaiser for an appointment today and this paper caught my eye. It says: 5 Strategic Imperatives. When something says “strategic” I’m always intrigued so I snapped a picture while we walked by. I think it’s actually pretty cool. Think about how this may relate to your business, life or church. Here are the imperatives:

1. Leverage Integration

2. Streamline Operations

3. Reduce Idle Time

4. Leverage Alternatives to Office Visits

5. Create the “wow” Experience

How does this apply to you?