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Remember when I told you about Mauro & Chelsea?
Today Mauro & Chelsea’s two songs you should buy on the iTunes store.
They were produced by Joel Piper and they sound awesome.
Soon their kickstarter project will go live and I can’t wait to see what happens after YOU fund their project.
Go show them some love and purchase their two singles here.
I bought mine today and you should too.
I mean it’s $2… go get it, now.


A couple of months ago I met Mauro & Chelsea DeBenedetto. They walked into one of our event at Two Cities Church and had no previous connection to anyone a part of our team. Today they are two of our worship leaders who made their Two Cities debut at our Night of Worship in June. They have just finished recording two singles with Joel Piper. [samples below] They have become great friends with several people on our team and are a part of our Wednesday night Launch Group. Mauro was recently hired full-time to work under Chris at signingtrac.comFour12 Group is creating a video for their kickstarter campaign, which will be live soon. They hope to raise the cash necessary to record the rest of their album through the generosity of family, friends and strangers. I’ll post the kickstarter information when it goes live. But right now… you just need to press play.