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baptism video shoot

March 30, 2012 — Leave a comment


One of my favorite things I get to be a part of at New Vintage Church is celebrating life-change through baptism. Today, I get to help 10 people tell their story on video for their upcoming baptisms. They get baptized in one week from today on Good Friday at our Night of Worship. I love hearing where people were before they knew Jesus, how they met him, what has happened since, who helped them along the way and I LOVE hearing them proclaim their faith publicly.

Get ready for another round of baptism videos to appear here on my blog.

*This post was posted at 4:12am in honor of Kim Descalso*

Yesterday, I led worship for our k-6th grade environment, UpStreet.
I introduced a new version of Happy and You Know it.
My expectations were that the kids would have a good time with it.
My expectations were not that the kids would have such a great time, they’d pull out their cameras and shoot video.

Here’s a snippet of the worship with the kids.
And yes, I did pull up two high school students to do the movements.

Then, later in the afternoon Chris got our students to pull me up on stage to show them the song.
It’s crazy to me that we did this song at InsideOut!
I made Erika and Kim come on stage and help me with the motions this time!
It’s even crazier that they have fun with it.
Who knew?

How have you made a fool of yourself lately for the sake of ministry?