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August 31, 2009 — Leave a comment

I read this post from Shane Craven and thought I’d share it. Tons of stuff to learn here:

“Some Stuff I’m loving from Rick Warren Lately”

  • Avg. church=  Only 10% of members serve in ministry.  50% won’t, but 40% say “I’ve never been asked or don’t know how.” Go after them-   ORIGIN, LET’S CHANGE THIS!
  • When “the brook dries up” (1Kings17:2-9) it’s not REJECTION by God but DIRECTION FROM God. He wants 2 move u 2 a new place!
  • God often closes a door B4 opening a new 1.  Between those doors-dont worry!  Wait,Worship & Watch! It’s a test of faith. Col. 4:3
  • Pastor, stop wishing u were in Atlanta, NYC, Chicago or SoCal & Pour ur love into the dear people he’s called u to serve! Ph. 4:10
  • 30 yrs ago Adrian Rogers told me “Rick, the pastor who is available ALL the time won’t be worth much when he’s available.”
  • God doesn’t bless most those who deserve it most. He blesses most those who TRUST him most. Heb. 11:6  It’s “by Grace thru Faith”
  • Sovereign Factors= God’s choices 4 u: parents,when & where born, talents, race, etc.  But YOU CHOSE how much He blesses u. See Mt. 9:29
  • Everytime u hold ur tongue when attacked or misrepresented your spiritual power grows. Humility gives u authority. Mt.27:12
  • If God asks u to give something away & u can’t, u don’t really own it; IT OWNS U. Never let a possession possess u. Lk 12:15
  • A TRUE man of God is known by HOW HE TREATS those who DISAGREE w him. He refuses to quarrel & is kind to EVERYONE. 2 Tim. 2:24
  • To avoid burnout: Divert Daily (whatever relaxes) Withdraw Weekly (a sabbath) Abandon Annually (disconnect completely) Ps.127:2
  • Jesus isn’t impressed by how u LOVE TO PREACH. He wants you to LOVE THE PEOPLE u preach to today. 1 Cor.13:1-2
  • CH Plants-When small,they dismiss u. When ugrow,they discredit u. When larger,they dislike u. When big,they defame. LOVE them!  Rom 12:21
  • The greatest churches are yet to BE! Built on God’s purposes by guys who learn from mentors. I intend to help them succeed.
  • Every pastor has to decide what he wants most: Control or Growth. U can’t have both.The bottleneck is always at the top.
  • You’ll never be fully satisfied on earth because u were made for FAR MORE. At death u won’t leave home-u’ll go home.  2 Cor. 5:1
  • Never confuse your value with ur valuables, nor ur networth for ur self-worth.The greatest things in life aren’t things.
  • Every style goes out of style.The only way to always be relevant is to focus on what’s eternal-God’s purposes. Ps. 33:101
  • Jesus measures greatness by service,not status. The size of the task is irrelevant. It’s how much love you put into it.
  • Life is a struggle because we struggle with God. We want to be God & there’s no way we’ll win that one. Surrender is peace.
  • No matter who or how old you are, you’ll always need chldren in your life. They are God’s tools for teaching unselfishness.
  • NEVER COMPARE yourself! Other’s success will discourage you OR yours will make you prideful. Both are deadly. Gal.6:4
  • If unbelievers like what they see, they’ll listen to what we say.
  • Read your way out of every rut. Pray your way out of every doubt. Act your way out of every fear.When going thru hell, KEEP GOING! Love U guys!
  • Don’t claim you believe the Bible if you’re doing nothing for widows & orphans. James 1:27.
  • Weddings make us smile but funerals make us think..Death forces us to consider the meaning of life. Eccl. 7:2 . Never waste a funeral.

Those are pretty incredible things to think about. What are you learning?

This past week Erica and I went to Kaiser for one of our anticipation appointments. You know, the appointments that never end before your first child is born! We are anticipating his arrival sometime in the next 5 weeks (realistically). Due date Sep 12 – actual date…anytime between now and when he comes.

I always like to read what businesses have on their walls. It is another issue of whether or not “what’s written on the wall, happens down the hall,” but at least you know they’re trying. I snapped this pic and thought it was a really interesting diagram of making customer service personal. What can we learn from this?IMG_1052

photo 3

I was in Port of Subs on Monday night and took a quick snapshot of this sign that is directly in front of the door. You can’t miss it, it’s the first thing you see when you walk inside. They make a lot of promises and here they are:

I Promise…

  • to be prompt with your order
  • to be friendly
  • to slice everything fresh in front of you
  • you more meat & cheese than the $5 sandwich guys
  • you fresh veggies
  • you a better value
  • the best sliced-fresh sandwich ever

I can personally attest that the service is fantastic at this particular Port of Subs in Santa Rosa, Ca. I have only seen one man behind the counter making the sandwiches and he is always there. He listens to your order and gets it right. He doesn’t mix the mayo knife with the mustard knife – that’s huge if you don’t want one of them on your sandwich. He’s nice and efficient. He’s consistent.

What can we learn from this man and the Port of Subs promises? How does this translate into your family, life, job, or church?

I was recently at Taco Bell and noticed this sign on the wall. The phrase that caught my attention was, “If you don’t love it, we’ll eat it.” Wow. What a promise. I have yet to test it, but imagine working behind the counter and having to eat something you just made because it was poorly made. Productivity and motivation for creating a good burrito is probably higher because of this policy. What can we learn from such a promise? How does this translate into your world?

5StratErica and I went to Kaiser for an appointment today and this paper caught my eye. It says: 5 Strategic Imperatives. When something says “strategic” I’m always intrigued so I snapped a picture while we walked by. I think it’s actually pretty cool. Think about how this may relate to your business, life or church. Here are the imperatives:

1. Leverage Integration

2. Streamline Operations

3. Reduce Idle Time

4. Leverage Alternatives to Office Visits

5. Create the “wow” Experience

How does this apply to you?