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Thoughts from Amy

February 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

I recently saw this blog by Amy Blackmore, a volunteer at New Vintage. Just passing along what one person is thinking and feeling at the beginning of our Game Plan series.

When all else fails- laugh. That’s what I do. Especially since the last two weeks have been filled with failures (on my part) of epic proportion. Well… Sometimes I laugh. Lately I’ve been crying. A lot. Like the snot in your hair, eyes bulging, headache inducing kind of sobs. Big, fat, messy tears. That’s been my last two weeks.

I’m doing everything that everyone else tells me God wants me to do. I work in ‘ministry’ to the poor, I go to church, I give at church, I serve at church, I listen only mostly to Christian music, I blah, blah, blah. You get the point. And some of that makes sense. Some of it is what God wants me to be doing. I don’t want to toss the baby with the bathwater, especially since my church is awesome and my family there keeps me from going completely insane.

But sometimes I wonder what ‘ministry’ is supposed to look like. I have people who keep telling me that ‘ministry’ is different than having a ‘job’. But I’ve never seen my job as anything less than ministry. My life is my ministry, and that includes where I work, how I interact at church, where I shop, how I treat the environment, how I vote, everything. But apparently that’s not right? I don’t know. It kind of reminds me of David trying on Saul’s armor and realizing how it wouldn’t work. I tried to go out with someone else’s armor and it just isn’t working.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks at New Vintage. Hoping to get some direction on what it is that God wants me to be doing.
But in the meantime, I will laugh. So…

You Might Be a Baptist If:
-You think God’s presence is strongest on the back three pews.
-You have ever put an IOU in the offering plate.
-You think Jesus actually used Welch’s grape juice and saltine crackers.
-You ever wake up in the middle of the night craving fried chicken and interpret that feeling as a call to preach.
-You know who Andy Vomsteeg is.

Email from Mots

February 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

I love that my parents are active in seeking out the future leaders in their church and helping to create an environment where they can grow in the 3 vital relationships (intimacy with God, community with insiders and influence with outsiders).

“Just wanted you to know that we met with the 2 couples who have taken on the leadership of our Sunday morning class.  We decided to go with your suggestion of “Fusion” for our group name.  We discussed what that implies, both scientifically and spiritually, and even came up with a scripture to go with it.  In the New Living Translation, Eph. 4:3 says, “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit binding together through peace.”  (Or words to that effect)  We thought that summed up the purpose of our name as well as the make up of our group.

Yesterday we changed the seating arrangement to a circle and had a very good discussion on Habakkuk, the first complaint he had to God in the first chapter.  Next week hopefully we will get to God’s reply.
We are also going to start a life group to meet on Thursday nights.  We will have to see how that goes because there are a lot of kids in the group and some with no kids.  We may have to have 2 groups (?).  The leaders are also planning activities at least once a month; hopefully more of the couples can become involved in planning those things.
Anyway, thought you would like to know how we are progressing.  Dad and I are excited about this group because we see them as the developing leaders in the church and we take seriously our part as mentors and as the ones pushing them to think outside the box and walls of the building.  We do not consider ourselves “leaders” in the traditional sense of the word.
Tell Erica hi and give Josiah a hug and kiss.  I miss you all and wish we were closer.
Love you lots, Mots
Are you being intentional with who you are investing in?

Catalyst has been amazing so far. Each communicator brings his own set of gifts, style, insights and pondering to the table. Each one unique and that’s why they were asked to speak.

There’s one thing I’m noticing that I hope we can change. Let’s stop asking the question, “Did you like him (or her)?” to “Is what he (or she) said true and helpful?”

Also, I’m curious to know how many pastors, communicators, preachers, teachers or leaders would say that every word they’ve ever taught or preached was %100 truth. Do you believe that is true of you? I’m really curious. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Volunteers Needed

August 22, 2009 — Leave a comment

sm2To see students (7-12) surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ fuels my passion like almost nothing else can. It is one of the greatest joys in life to see a hardened student, living his life the way he wants to live it, break down and say, “I can’t do it. I’m not enough. I need you Jesus.” It’s incredible. Because in our weakness He is strong.

Our Student Ministry, InsideOut, is about ti kick-off for the year and we need volunteers. As I mentioned before, we need Small Group Leaders, Communicators, Experiences Musicians and a Production Team. We have a volunteer meeting this Thursday night, Aug 27, @ 6:30pm in the Warehouse. If you want to be a part of this incredible team that is being used by Jesus to change the world, one student at a time, email us and let us know You’re All In.

InsideOut Kicks off on Sun, Sep 13 from 5-7pm @ the 3300 Sonoma Ave Campus.


Announcing InsideOut Students at New Vintage Church. Starting September 13, 2009 we will have a new student ministry environment called InsideOut. It will be on Sunday evenings from 5-7pm at our 3300 Sonoma Campus. If you’d like to make a significant impact on this generation of students this is perfect for you to be involved in. We’re looking three groups of people to be involved: Students, Parents and Volunteers.

  • Students – We need you to be there and bring all of your friends.
  • Parents – We need you to bring your kids and their friends. We also need you to reinforce what we’re communicating to your kids at home.
  • Volunteers – We need Worship Leaders, Experienced Musicians, Small Group Leaders, Communicators and Hosts. 

If you would like more information email us. You can also find us on Facebook. Please pray for this next season of student ministry for New Vintage Church.