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My Screaming Wife // 4

January 6, 2011 — 1 Comment

We got through all of 2010 without a “screaming wife” episode…but in the start of 2011, we’ve killed our quiet streak. If you haven’t been following these little outbursts, you can catch up here:
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Now for Episode 4.

A few nights ago I was in a dead sleep. I mean the kind of sleep that if woken up, happiness is void from the universe. I heard a weird sound from Erica. It’s the same sound she makes every time she’s having a nightmare. It starts as a slight groan and builds to a hyperventilation and finally a barbaric yelp.

Only this time it was a little different. She did the strange groan…but then she grabbed my chest, starting to hyperventilate and shouted, “Who the hell are you?!!!” all while I was trying to wake her up.

After she woke up…she was very confused. She was dreaming that she had gone to calm our son down in his room and on her way back to our room our front door opened and a woman walked in. And that’s when she yelled.

After telling me the story and the dream, I was out-of-it and I just wanted to fall back asleep. The only problem was that every 30 seconds or so Erica would break out into laughter over the incident. Not like a LOL, but more of a silent chuckle. The kind that shakes your body, but makes no sound. So I couldn’t fall back sleep for 30 minutes because every time I almost fell asleep the bed would shake from her silent chuckle-tremors.

And even as I type this… Those tremors continue.

I love my screaming wife.