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Notes from Larry Osborne at North Coast Church.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

Final Session with Larry:

5 Things I wish I had Learned Early

  1. Build the Church You’d Want to Attend
  2. Fulfill Your Calling Not Your Potential
  3. Focus on the flock you have, not to shepherd the sheep You may Someday have
  4. Don’t live like a Pastor, Live like a Mature Christian
  5. Do Your best and Take a NAP
  6. Money Follows Ministry
  • “It’s not about what’s cool or what works… it’s about being who God designed you to be”
  • “You have nothing to prove and no one to impress”
  • “If you’re down on yourself for your failures, you’ll be too up on yourself for your successes”
  • “The problems are always the same, there are just more zeros attached to it”

Notes from Chris Brown at North Coast Church.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Chris Brown, one of the teaching pastors at North Coast Church shared these nuggets:

Teaching Teams:

  1. When You invite someone to your teaching team they must be at least 80 percent as good as you.
  2. They’ve got to speak, not just when you’re gone
  3. They don’t fill in the gaps between series, but they share them with you
  4. Multiple Voices = Multiple Filters (“1 voice is 1 Lure in the water… drop multiple types of lures)
  5. Break the “Holy Man Myth”
  6. Breeds Healthy Competition
  7. Avoids Creative Burnout
  8. Keeps Young Eagles Longer

When Thinking about Reaching Outsiders:

  • Don’t use acronyms to communicate things to the church
  • Nobody wants to sit in a crowd and look like an idiot because they don’t understand something


Notes from Larry Obsorne at North Coast Church.

Session 1
Session 2

Here are some notes from Session 3 with Larry Osborne.

Learning From Barnabas:

1. Model Financial Generosity
2. Be Quick to Forgive
3. Focus on Anointing rather than a Pedigree
4.  Defend the Right to be Different
5. He Was Willing to Step Aside & Take Second

  • “Whenever tenure, education or jumping through my hoops trumps God’s anointing… we’ve missed it.” (speaking of hiring)

3 Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. What does it take to have power around here?
2. What does it take to get permission around here?
3. Are the freshman getting smaller every year?

Yesterday I posted about a small conference put on by Growing Healthy Churches and Larry Obsorne at North Coast Church.

Here are some notes from Session 2 with Larry Osborne.

  • Develop a love for the struggler.
  • “Generals always prepare for the last (previous) war.”
  • “As soon as you figure out the rules, they change on you.”
  • Things that frequently change the rules: Calendar, Events and Growth
  • There’s a Cultural Shift happening: “The Loss of Excellence”
  • 2 Keys to the Culture: Authenticity & the Bono Factor (What are you doing for someone else?)
  • “Growth Changes Everything”

Derailment Factors:

1. Poor Relationship Skills: Doesn’t play well with others in the sandbox
2. Inability to Adapt: Poor at mid-course corrections

Success Factors:

1. Ability to Adapt.
2. Plays wells with others.

  • “Your tribe is where you’ll be comfortable:
  • Breakthroughs happen when we listen to outsiders
  • PROBLEM: We idolize the past
  • PROBLEM: We start to abandon our mission to chase our successes
  • “We need to stop doing what’s succeeding in order to do what’s important”
  • Always ask, “Why do we do this?”
  • PROBLEM: Clinging to comfortable patterns of relationship

Church Growth Through Relational Stages:

Stage 1: Track Star
A church plant is like a Track Star, the Pastor does everything. It’s a solo role.

Stage 2: Golfing Buddies
Very relational, fun, everyone is equal

Stage 3: Basketball Team
300-500 people; role players, there’s a bench, there are stars, still highly relational

Stage 4: Football Team
Coach doesn’t know what’s happened until he watches the film; Not everyone could fit into a van, you’re taking buses to games, not everyone knows what’s going on or knows everybody else

  • Relational Patters (specifically how people relate to the senior pastor)
  • Don’t get sucked to the middle; in the middle you only know the problems and the stars
  • You have to fight to get to the fringe
  • “Learn the difference between disappointing people and crushing them.”
  • “Give away symbols of prestige to create partners to expand your influence”


Andy and I flew down to the San Diego area on Tuesday. Growing Healthy Churches invited some Pastors from the region to have a 24-hour conference with Larry Obsorne at North Coast Church.

Here are some notes from Session 1 with Larry Osborne.

  • You should place equal importance on the first and second part of the great commission.
  • I learned that when I had a very small church and I was trying to grow it… “I was using the people I had to reach the people I wanted.”
  • RELAX and shepherd the people you have
  • When you begin to love people, they just start inviting.
  • Think about your favorite restaurant: “Nobody has to tell you to refer, when people love it… it just happens.”

Hard Lessons about Sticky Church:

  • Assimilation is not [necessarily] retention
  • “Friendship is the stickiest thing you can connect people to”
  • A great goal: “Everyone at our church has a best friend there also”
  • Stickiness always starts with church health
  • “when a church has conflict, it repels”
  • “burn out scares people”
  • “lack of spiritual growth bores people”
  • “It doesn’t take a whole lot for a long-time Christian to believe they are growing”
  • “don’t kill the ponies” – don’t kill your volunteers
  • “The people who serve are more important than the people they serve”
  • Friendliness is NOT Connection
  • As a church approaches 200 people, everyone’s relational capacity is full
  • Create new small groups, for new people
  • Create new connection opportunities for new people
  • Count faces, not just #’s
  • “Whatever is important, we find a way to measure.”
  • ELEVATE other leaders in the church to help people move connections from ONLY the senior pastor
  • “When you can get the freshman to a party, they’re going to connect.” (freshman, aka new people, come in without connections, they have relational margin in their life)
  • “If I can velcro people to the Bible and to other Christians, I’ve set them up for growth.”
  • The Mark of Spiritual Maturity is Obedience… immaturity is a symptom of sin

Session 2, 3 and 4 will be released later.