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Ok, so again… Apple has not created some sort of iPhone billboard, but the lock-screen can serve the same purpose. Usually, my lock-screen has a photo of my awesome son. But today, I’ve switched it up. Here’s what my screen looks like right now:

The thought here is that people constantly check their phones for the time and if you can use that as a billboard… well, then awesome. It can be to promote something coming up, remind them of something you’ve just talked about or even be a conversation starter with other people.

Here’s the image that I loaded onto my phone and created the lock-screen-shot with.

You can create your own. The dimensions are 640 x 960.

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Every week @NewVintageSoco (New Vintage Church) we engage a crowd of new people and those people regularly “like” us on Facebook. Every week I “friend” those people and thank them for “liking” New Vintage Church. If I’ve met them, I add something personal from our interaction and let them know I’m available to answer any questions.

Some people reply. Some don’t.

But here’s why I do it.