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Two Weeks Back

June 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

We moved back to Fresno two weeks ago today and I’ve got to say, so far, so great! You can read some highlights from our first week here. ┬áHere are some highlights from this past week:

  • First off, every week we are attending a different church to get a real feel from the landscape of the Church in Fresno/Clovis. Last Sunday we went to The Well Community Church – Clovis Campus. My cousin Ben plays drums there, so it was great to see him in action. The Well also uses the curriculum that Two Cities Church will use for their children’s ministries from the ReThink (Orange) Group. So it was great for Josiah to get some continuity on what he was learning at New Vintage Church.
  • Monday I got to reconnect with a college student that I haven’t seen in almost 4 years! I told him all about Two Cities and he’s excited about being a part of our mission. He’s interested in our Leadership Development Program (LDP), which we will begin pre-launch.
  • We had some friends over for dinner on Monday and I think Josiah found a new babysitter!
  • Tuesday I had lunch with two former students of mine at good ol’ Taco Bell! If you haven’t had a Doritos Locos Taco, you are missing out! They’re both very excited at Two Cities and can’t wait to get their hands dirty.
  • Erica has a second interview with MAG, a company that provides Virtual Executive Assistants to both the business world and to Pastors. It’s a part-time, work-from-home position that allows her to continue working and has potential to grow full-time when the kids are older.
  • I asked two men to be on our board, and they both accepted. Now I’m just looking for one more board member. Keep that in your prayers.
  • Our family had dinner at a friend’s house that I haven’t seen since graduating from Clovis West in 2000. It was crazy to think that we both have two kids and got married. It was awesome to hear how involved they are in their church.
  • As a family, we were able to attend two baseball games this week. Each one was for one of Erica’s cousin. It’s great to be close to family.
  • I had lunch with a local Pastor who offered to negotiate a lease term with Two Cities Church, if we wanted. It’s a real possibility that when we start having services, we may rent from this church on Sunday nights.
  • My eBook on Social Media tips for the Church was featured on this week.
  • And more…

Things are happening quickly and we’re very excited about building this church and life together in our hometown. I am so happy to have my wife as a partner in ministry and even tough it’s a tough transition from full-time ministry to full-time mom, she’s pretty amazing. You can see one blog post she has posted here in the last week.


April 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’ve watched people play with Instragram for a couple of years now, but when Facebook bought it a couple of weeks ago… I decided it was time to jump on board and start testing it out. It’s great and here’s why:

  • You can take pictures and make them look awesome
  • The filters give you a variety of awesome to choose from
  • You can follow people, like and comment within the Instragram app
  • It integrates seamlessly with both Facebook and Twitter

So, why would you twitpic and not Instragram?
Make the switch. Do it today.

The picture above is one I took on Sunday @newvintagesoco.

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Foursquare is a social media service that is geared specifically at location-based check-ins. Companies, stores and even churches can use Foursquare to engage a different audience. The reason I enjoy using it is because I can compete with other people on how many different kinds of check-ins you can get. I’m the “mayor” at a local park… or at least I was before I was “ousted” last Sunday by someone who’s check-in more. You can also unlock “specials” for specifics places. For example, my favorite deal is at the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall. Check-in at the mall and you get a free chocolate bar if you show the guests service attendant that you’ve unlocked the deal. And there’s no limit… you could go back every day and get a free candy bar. Free is fun!

On an average Sunday, New Vintage Church has a handful of people who check-in via Foursquare. It’s a small crowd of Foursquare users, but I’m about to start something that should engage more people through Foursquare. I’m running a “special” this weekend to see what happens. When you check in at New Vintage Church, you’ll be able to unlock a special for a free drink from our coffee bar. It’s a simple thing, but I bet I’ll get more engagement out of it.

What are you doing to engage people who walk in your doors? They come in and sit down, pull out their phone and don’t look up for 5 minutes. How are you reminding them of where they are by using the very screen they’re looking down at?

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Ok, so again… Apple has not created some sort of iPhone billboard, but the lock-screen can serve the same purpose. Usually, my lock-screen has a photo of my awesome son. But today, I’ve switched it up. Here’s what my screen looks like right now:

The thought here is that people constantly check their phones for the time and if you can use that as a billboard… well, then awesome. It can be to promote something coming up, remind them of something you’ve just talked about or even be a conversation starter with other people.

Here’s the image that I loaded onto my phone and created the lock-screen-shot with.

You can create your own. The dimensions are 640 x 960.

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Ok, so maybe Facebook hasn’t really created a Billboard feature, but why not utilize the new Timeline feature to do exactly that?

If you’re not already aware, you can now upgrade your Facebook Places/Pages to Timeline. If you don’t update it now, you’ll be forced to towards the end of the month. You can now change your timeline cover photo to a giant billboard to advertise whatever you want. If someone clicks on it, they’ll see it within the Facebook photo preview window, you can then past links into the comments and they can click to whatever that image represents. Here’s how I’m using it this week:

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