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December 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

[Summary of What’s below: Update on our Step Up Campaign, What We Hope for in 2014, How You Can Help Get Push This Vision Forward]step up letterhead
Here’s a quick update last post on our end-of-year Step Up campaign. Let me remind of you our goals for this campaign.

  • $10,000 in one-time gifts
  • $4,000 pledged in increased monthly giving starting in Jan 2014

As of this moment we are still in need of:

  • $8,620.63 in one-time gifts
  • $3,550 pledged in increased monthly giving starting in Jan 2014

What we Hope for in 2014
But here’s the deal. We don’t need the money to sustain what we’ve been doing. We’re not in maintenance mode. We want to step up the implementation of our mission and vision. To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating a church that unchurched people love to attend.

Here’s what the cash from this campaign enables us to do:

  • Hire a Service Programming Director – The person in charge of the adult worship experience from the parking lot to the stage.
  • Increase service frequency from 1x monthly to every 3 weeks, then every other week, then every week. [The rate at which this increases is determined by increasing volunteerism, giving, inviting and involvement with small groups.]
  • Pay off the credit we owe to our credit card, due to the purchase of our equipment and trailer.
  • Pay for our December events (KidStuf Christmas Edition and Christmas Night of Worship).
  • Give us a little margin entering 2014 for the unexpected expenses we’ll face.

In 2014, we will:

  • Open UpStreet (K-6th grade environment) – in January we will have a BETA version open!
  • Continue to grow Waumba Land – it was doubled between our first two services
  • Host every week services by mid fall 2014
  • Increase our engagement with each other through more group opportunities
  • Increase our engagement with each other through our Strategic Service teams

In 2014, we hope to:

  • Hire some of our key volunteer staff
  • Create a Starting Point group for seekers, starters and returners
  • Continue baptizing people
  • Increase our community impact by partnering with local non-profits that are getting it done

*In 2014 we will receive $25,000 in matching funds from Growing Healthy Churches. Some of this end-of-year campaign will qualify us to receive some of those funds*

Push the Vision forward:
So, here’s how you can help us reach our goals for this campaign.

1. Give or increase giving, monthly
2. Give a one-time gift (tax deductible for 2013) online
, by mail (1865 Herndon Ave K304, Clovis, Ca 93611) or in person at our Christmas Night of Worship
3. Invite your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to our events, like these (KidStuf Christmas Edition and Christmas Night of Worship)
4. Join a launch group (small group) in January
5. Join a Strategic Service team, just let us know at our next event

You may think, “I can’t afford much, so it’s not that big of a difference.” Every penny matters, every act of faith is significant. When you give, you’re not just saying, “I want to support this.” You’re saying, “I trust God to do something significant with this.” It’s an opportunity to grow in your relationship with Jesus… which is accomplishing our mission.

Let’s Step Up together so that Two Cities Church can Step it Up!

step up letterhead

The past year has been an incredible beginning to our journey at Two Cities Church.

  • 10 NEXT Events
  • 4 Launch Groups
  • $50,000 matching funds grant, that is being released over 2 years
  • Purchased a used portable church trailer and complete system
  • Found a great location in Old Town Clovis, with room to grow
  • Dedicated 4 babies at BabyD with 60 people in attendance
  • Night of Worship with 122 people in attendance
  • First two Glimpse services both with over 100 people in attendance
  • Baptized 2 people [stories coming soon]
  • Positioned to make a significant impact on our community, giving them hope in Jesus Christ!

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and the new year, I’m inviting you to STEP UP to help build this church. As you STEP UP, the church can STEP IT UP in greater ways to be a blessing to our community and world.

Our end-of-year STEP UP goal is to raise $10,000 ($8,620.63 to go) in one-time gifts and commitments for an additional $4,000 ($3,550 to go) a month. The $10,000 enables us to cover all of the costs associated with our events for the rest of 2013, help us pay off the last $2000 of our portable church trailer, and give us a little margin to begin the new year. If $4,000 of that $10,000 continue to come in after the new year, we will be poised to hire a critical staff position, Service Programming Director. We can not increase the frequency of services without hiring this person.

Ways to STEP UP:

  • Give Online by clicking here. It’s safe, secure and simple to use. Choose the “Step Up” option when you give online.

  • Mail a Check to 1865 Herndon Ave K304, Clovis, Ca 93611
  • Drop a Check in our special offering at our Christmas Night of Worship on December 22nd at 5pm, 808 4th St, Clovis, Ca 93612.

So, let’s STEP UP together! Let’s give, let’s ask our friends and families to give. Let’s give until it’s difficult, until it hurts. TOGETHER we can give up something in order to build something greater.

As you STEP UP, we can STEP IT UP. Who’s in?

“It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult
for the Gentiles who are turning to God.” Acts 15:19