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NEXT is this Week

September 11, 2012 — Leave a comment


At Two Cities Church we are entering into a season of weekly events. See my previous post about the calendar.

This week we are holding a vision gathering. It’s a great place to come hear the vision of the church without any commitment. If you’re curious, if you’d like to know more about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, this is the perfect environment for you to come hang out with us.

Here’s how I worded it on our Facebook Event:
NEXT is an environment where people who are a part of our launch team as well as people who are interested in hearing more about the vision, mission and strategy of Two Cities Church gather. Our next NEXT will be Sunday, Sep 16 @ 6pm. (2080 E. Tollhouse, Clovis, Ca)

If you came to our last NEXT event, we invite you back and ask you to invite some friends!


It’s Worth It. Pt. 2

August 28, 2012 — 1 Comment


A few days ago I talked about a girl who I met in Starbucks and how she ultimately said, “If there was a church like that, I’d go.” And the “like that” she talked about was simple, a place that is authentic, not perfect and a place people who are not church people actually like when they experience.

I emailed her the next day and told her a little more and this is part of her response:

Thank You so much for the nice email…One thing you will know about me is I am not shy, and sometimes I don’t have a filter. LOL… I would love it if you add me to your email list. I went home that day and told my husband about the church and I look forward to going once its open. It would be a nice and fresh start. Please keep me posted… I will definitely check the Twitter out. If you need anything let me know.
I think that’s awesome.


Today I bought something from a guy on craigslist for my son’s 3rd birthday. I went to his home, which is deep-east-clovis… I mean, out there. Usually a craigslist transaction is a quick 2-5 minutes. We talked for 40. About life, hunting, homeownership, family, dogs, and church. He told me that his family occasionally goes to a church, but doesn’t really see a need for it. (irrelevant) He also told me that they once walked out of a known church because they couldn’t take the sermon. “It just hit [them] wrong.”


When I described to him that we are planting a church that unchurched people, regular people, would LOVE to attend… they’d actually enjoy it, he was intrigued. By the end I gave him my business card and he said, “We might just come to your church.”


I think that’s awesome.


There are so many unknowns to church-planting, but here’s a known. People who are far from God will come. People who are not currently growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ, will begin.


And I think…
It’s Worth It.