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Fox at Church

February 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

There was a fox at New Vintage this morning! The cold weather is driving all these wild animals down the mountains.

Every once in a while it is good to do a quick search on google to see what people are saying about you. I found this blog and here’s an article someone wrote about our church after visiting in December.

“Let me first say that it has really been refreshing to be in the company of fellow followers of Jesus who call Santa Rosa home.  We (Valerie and I) have now worshipped with ten different congregations and we plan on going to at least 30 more before we start to seriously consider the question as to where we feel the Father leading us in terms of a church home.  A few weeks back we attended the New Vintage Church which holds its Sunday services at the Wells Fargo Center for the Performing Arts.  After the service, Val and I shared our admiration and appreciation for the message shared by the congregation’s pastor, Andy.  He gave a gutsy, biblically vibrant, compassionate message about God’s design for sex.  Having given more than my share of messages on this topic I could appreciate the courage and care Andy exhibited towards the people as he intersected and interrupted the culture’s conversation about this area of life. I really appreciated the fact that this congregation is not only committed to being relevant in terms of its service format but is equally committed to communicating a message that can serve and support people in the deepest, often times most troubling parts of their lives. I love New Vintage’s two locations particularly because I pass both of them all the time and it provides me with a great opportunity to pray for Andy and the members of our Santa Rosa community who call New Vintage home.”

Sunday in 33 Snapshots

February 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I took a bunch of video from my Sunday experience. I only took video from up through second service and didn’t get tear down in there. But you get the idea. This is about to happen for me again tomorrow.

What’s the busiest day in your week?

New Vintage Pictures

September 28, 2009 — Leave a comment

Here are some pictures I snapped this weekend at New Vintage Church.

DSCN0225DSCN0254DSCN0283DSCN0269You’ve got come join us for week 3 of our Orange Series this coming Sunday (not Sat night service – Oct. 3, due to the Rock of Ages festival in Calistoga). Follow NVC on twitter.