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The past year has been an incredible beginning to our journey at Two Cities Church.

  • 10 NEXT Events
  • 4 Launch Groups
  • $50,000 matching funds grant, that is being released over 2 years
  • Purchased a used portable church trailer and complete system
  • Found a great location in Old Town Clovis, with room to grow
  • Dedicated 4 babies at BabyD with 60 people in attendance
  • Night of Worship with 122 people in attendance
  • First two Glimpse services both with over 100 people in attendance
  • Baptized 2 people [stories coming soon]
  • Positioned to make a significant impact on our community, giving them hope in Jesus Christ!

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and the new year, I’m inviting you to STEP UP to help build this church. As you STEP UP, the church can STEP IT UP in greater ways to be a blessing to our community and world.

Our end-of-year STEP UP goal is to raise $10,000 ($8,620.63 to go) in one-time gifts and commitments for an additional $4,000 ($3,550 to go) a month. The $10,000 enables us to cover all of the costs associated with our events for the rest of 2013, help us pay off the last $2000 of our portable church trailer, and give us a little margin to begin the new year. If $4,000 of that $10,000 continue to come in after the new year, we will be poised to hire a critical staff position, Service Programming Director. We can not increase the frequency of services without hiring this person.

Ways to STEP UP:

  • Give Online by clicking here. It’s safe, secure and simple to use. Choose the “Step Up” option when you give online.

  • Mail a Check to 1865 Herndon Ave K304, Clovis, Ca 93611
  • Drop a Check in our special offering at our Christmas Night of Worship on December 22nd at 5pm, 808 4th St, Clovis, Ca 93612.

So, let’s STEP UP together! Let’s give, let’s ask our friends and families to give. Let’s give until it’s difficult, until it hurts. TOGETHER we can give up something in order to build something greater.

As you STEP UP, we can STEP IT UP. Who’s in?

“It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult
for the Gentiles who are turning to God.” Acts 15:19

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 we held our very first service. You can’t redo the first one. The first one will always be the first one. It’s kind of a big deal. And I am very pleased with how well it went. Here are some things I’d like to share from that day:

  • A volunteer’s daughter has been hesitant to attend a children’s environment anywhere, and was hesitant starting out at our service, but by the end she loved it. Someone overheard her ask if she could come back.
  • A one year old made it through the service in the nursery, that has never been away from his parents before! This may seem small, but to his parents this was HUGE. I know that with consistent faces in the nursery, he will continue to do well.
  • Another 2 year old was able to go home and retell the entire story of Joseph in great detail. We may have a future Bible Storyteller!
  • My son (4) prayed the night before “for all of the kids God would bring to Waumba Land.” These kids are being impacted by building this ministry!
  • Several people went to the Connections table after service and asked for big stacks of invites for the November 17 service.
  • We had 130 people in attendance!
  • Many people wrote on the response cards. We had people say they want to know more about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, one person wrote they want to know more about baptism, and several people signed up for launch groups.
  • As a result we have two baptisms scheduled in Novemeber! We will share their stories via video online.
  • We bought a used portable church system from Church on Wheels and everything worked great!
  • We had a new couple come serve all day with us setting up Waumba Land and driving the trailer. They were excited, and said they will continue to come serve and be a part.
  • Several people came who we didn’t expect and came to various people on our team with great feedback. Several of these people heard about TCC through social media.
  • We saw posts and videos posted on social media with positive comments about people’s experience. See sampling here:
  • Some of the people at our preview have now joined a launch group and are becoming increasingly involved and we are developing relationships with more of them.
  • People who came to “support” us, said they’d return with guests

Were you there?
What was your experience?
Please let me know!

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Summer has been a challenging period of time in terms of scheduling people. But I wanted to say thank you for a few good men who have really stepped up to serving A LOT. Duane, Jeff, Dave, Serafim, Dylan, and Kyle. These guys have been on it this summer! Without you things don’t happen – like our services.




photo 3On a different note, last week we were informed by the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts staff that we can no longer wear sandals on stage. Some safety thing. So, close-toed shoes from now on. Sorry about that guys.