Seth's 25th Birthday Party

July 28, 2009 — Leave a comment

Last night we threw a surprise birthday party for Seth Naumann. Seth is a hard-working guy that has been volunteering his time to create some art work for our children’s ministry environments at New Vintage Church. Here’s some of his work in progress…photo 4
photo 2It’s not done yet, but it is definitely going to make the room come alive. Seth has been working every night on this project for almost two weeks now. He comes after work and works at the building alone. Last night he was planning on working late, alone, at the building on his 25th birthday. We couldn’t have that. So we got some people together and threw a little surprise birthday party for him. It was good times. The two most memorable moments of the evening were when Seth said, “She gets me a cd!” and “Ah, Parties.” So funny.

Seth made it off with some gifts and even a bunch of frozen 3photo

Here’s a little video recap of what happened: