Parenting Advice

August 4, 2009 — 8 Comments

Erica and I had an impromptu photo-shoot when we were approached by a photog at Zuma Beach. Photo by Kara Block (

This morning I dropped off our rent check and our property management lady started giving me all kinds of parenting advice. Here are some of the things she said to do:

-Sleep now, because you won’t later
-Don’t be surprised if you forget to pay rent next month
-Swaddle a lot
-Don’t pull tags off of all the clothes you get, take some back and get larger sizes
-If breast feeding doesn’t take, just bottle-feed, it’s no big deal
-Tell Erica to take the drugs
-Take parenting classes that are focused on Positive Parenting
-Use for some hot and fast meals

I can’t remember everything, but she said a lot of things. Though the information was completely unsolicited, I am now asking you. What are the things we need to know? What would you have done differently? Give us your tips and tricks here.