Apps That Pay Pt. 9: Surveys On The Go

November 25, 2011 — 14 Comments

Surveys On The Go [download app], Yet another survey app with which you can earn cash.

Like most other survey apps, you’ve got to earn $10 before they pay you via PayPal. Which for me has been the most frustrating thing about this app. But I’ve heard of some people having great success with the app. I recently read a review [2014] in the app store about a man getting a $75 survey! That’s a big survey. Of course that could be a fake review, but if it’s not, that’s a big payout for a little survey. They’ve also introduced Codes for the app. I have not been able to find any codes searching the internet. Chances are, you googled “ongo survey codes” and found this post. I actually get a few visitors everyday looking for those codes ever since I posted this article. Below are some screenshots of Surveys On The Go. It’s worth a try, maybe you’ll get lucky with some easy and high paying surveys.

surveys-on-the-go-1 surveys-on-the-go-2

surveys-on-the-go-3 surveys-on-the-go-4

surveys-on-the-go-5 surveys-on-the-go-6

Surveys On The Go isn’t the only App I’ve used that pays. But the best one is called Easy Shift, check it out here.