Following up from yesterday’s post about vision… I’ve been thinking about having a vision for my kids. I have one son, Josiah, and one daughter, Brynn. Josiah turns 3 tomorrow and Brynn turns 4 months in one week. There’s a fine line between planning your kids life, to having a vision for their life. One involves specifics of their occupation and interests while the other is a much more general thing. I’ve heard someone say, “my goal for my kids is to raise them to love God and be productive citizens.” So if you think of it in a general since, I’ve got a big vision for my kids.

Every night before bed there’s a routine in my house with my son and if I don’t do the routine correctly, he has a hard time going to sleep. The biggest parts of the routine are:

Time together reading books, Prayer together and telling him some Secrets.

The secrets I tell him aren’t really secrets at all, but a vision for his life. Every single night he hears me say:

God made you.
God loves you.
And Jesus wants to be your friend forever.
Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength…
With everything you’ve got.
Love others like you love yourself.
Take care of the widows and the orphans and those who can’t take care of themselves.
Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
I love you Josiah and I can’t wait to see the man that you grow up to be. 

It’s important to be that I establish some intentional things into our life together, some teachable moments. This morning I intentionally took time away from working on Two Cities Church, the church we’re planting, to spend a little time with him. I think I’m going to build that into the rhythm of our lives, a regular time for just the two of us, where I can expand on those secrets, while we do something together. Josiah really enjoys throwing rocks, and knowing that I decided to take him there so that he could throw rocks and we could spend time together. He loved it and I got to speak some things into his life and pray with him. I loved it.

As Brynn grows older I’ll have to discover what those things are that she likes, that we can bond over. But I intend on doing the same things with her, 1-on-1.

What kinds of things do you intentionally do to build the values and character in your kids that you have a vision for?
Do you lack a vision for your kids and family?
What can you do today to change the quality and direction of your family’s life?