Easter Week at Two Cities

March 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

Easter is a big week around churches.
We gear up for all kinds of people walking in the doors who might only walk in once-a-year, if that.
So we go all out and make it as awesome as we possibly can.

Here at Two Cities Church, we haven’t launched weekly services, in fact we won’t meet at all on Easter, not even in small groups. Why? Well, simply because we’re not there yet, but we do want you to do something strategic this week and on Easter.

  • This week let’s read some passages of scripture that focus our thoughts on what Easter is actually about. Click here for the reading plan.
  • On Easter let’s spend time with people who might not even go to church, at all and invest in them personally.

easter reading plan

Schedule of upcoming Events:

  • Mar 23 N. Fresno Launch Group
  • Mar 26 E. Clovis Launch Group
  • Mar 31 Easter
  • Apr 2 E. Clovis Launch Group
  • Apr 7 N. Fresno Launch Group
  • Apr 9 E. Clovis Launch Group
  • Apr 14 NEXT

And at some point in the near future, we are planning a Night of Worship. Keep watch for that announcement.