Church Planter’s Fiasco

November 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

Imagine this.

You’re a church planter.
You take risks.
You believe that things will work out when you take those risks.
You run into issues from time-to-time that require quick thinking and fast action.
Your RightPath profile says you’re a DRIVER, which means you’ll get it done.

Now, imagine what you would do in this scenario…

It’s 8:45am on Sunday November 17.
Today is the day of the church plants second service, ever.
You drive up to the security gate, an arm activated by a key card (fob-esque).
You run your key card over the sensor.
Nothing happens.
You do it again.
The guy behind you in his truck is waiting because he’s volunteered to tow your 26′ trailer to the location of the portable church.
This is the first time you’ve ever met the man.
He’s a brother-in-law of someone who helped for the first service.

You repeatedly try to scan your card, but nothing.

You inform your wife, sitting in the passenger seat, and the man behind you that you’re going to try the uHaul next door. Maybe they can get into the lot through a pad-locked gate.

No, that’s doesn’t work.
Maybe this man on the street who has a boat in the lot can get in with his card? No.

The storage lot is owned by a local glass shop. They’re closed on Sundays. In fact they don’t usually grant Sunday access, but they are friendly to churches and you got special permission and a special remote for the outer gate.

Your wife looks at you as you examine the gate and start analyzing how you’re going to break in.
She says, “So, what are you going to do?” The pressure is on.

You remember that the man who helped you when you first rented the space used to drive a trailer for another church in town called The Quest… You pull out your phone and you have the pastor’s cell phone in your contacts. But it’s Sunday morning, what pastor is going to answer a call on Sunday morning?

You call. He answers. He sounds confused. You haven’t spoken in months, but had a mutual contact connect the two of you previously that year.

You say, “Hey, It’s Micah from Two Cities Church. How you doing?”
He answers, “Fine?”
“I have a very strange question for you…” As you unpack what’s happened, he agrees to track down the guy who helped you. Turns out, he’s one of the owners. The owner calls your cell phone and meets you there. He unscrews a few bolts and you pull out at the arm.

The owner helps you break in and get your trailer. By the time you return the trailer, the gate has been fixed and improved.

Imagine your stress.
What would you have done?

Imagine if my wife’s uncle hadn’t put me in contact with a man, who would connect me with that Pastor, who months later would be such a key player in tracking down the owner, who loves the church and wanted to help us? Imagine.

It’s all orchestrated by God and it’s amazing how the churches and Christians in our Two Cities can work together to accomplish big things. Now that’s the body of Christ at work. Loving each other. Helping each other. In the moment it felt like a fiasco, but at the rear-view-mirror… it feels like God saying, “Keep trusting me.”

Church planters are confronted with issues every week, sometimes daily. There is no easy way to plant a church, but it’s always worth it. Check back on this blog Saturday to see why it’s worth it.