One Small Step…

December 2, 2013 — 1 Comment

The life of a church plant goes through many phases or steps.
Here are just a few, off the top of my head.

A person or collection of people feel a call, pray about it, seek counsel and explore the options.
A person or collection of people make the final decision and begin to talk about it with a selective group of people.
A team of people begin to form around the call to build that church. I’m not talking about a physical building, I’m talking about a body of people. That’s what the church is… a body of people.
That team begins to hold small gatherings of interested people to share the vision.
That team begins holding semi-regular “glimpses” into what the church services will be like. (This is where we are at) Those glimpses increase in frequency over time, as cash-flow increases.
That team and the people who have come around the vision of the church start “every-week” services.
Continued Growth:
The years and decades to follow impacting the community, country and world.

This probably isn’t every church plant’s story. But it’s ours.
I’m getting comments left and right from people who have come to our services saying these three things.

I love Two Cities, it feels like home.

I just wish it was every Sunday.

We’ll be there when the elementary environment (UpStreet) is open!

So here’s where we’re at:

In order to increase our service frequency and open up UpStreet, we need to increase The 4 Things:

  • Percentage Giving:
    The amount of people giving a consistent amount every month needs to increase by at least $4,000 a month. In addition to the increase in monthly giving we have a goal of raising an extra 10K at the end of 2013. That money will be used to pay the last couple grand owed for our portable church system (credit card), various insurance plans we’ve recently started, events we’re holding in December and give us a little margin with which to begin 2014.
  • Strategic Service:
    The amount of people serving needs to increase.
  • Authentic Community:
    As we grow, we need to continue to create small environments, groups, that meet in living rooms.
  • Invest & Invite:
    Investing in the people around us and invite them to come to a service or event.

So, how can you help? Take one small step today.
Give regularly online, let me know you’d like to serve on a team, join a group in January and invite everyone you know to come and see what Two Cities Church is all about.