Yosemite, Re-booting a Tradition

June 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

Growing up, I spent one week every summer in Yosemite National Park with my family. It was our tradition, a yearly vacation. From the moment we packed up and left Yosemite, I started counting down the days until we would be back. Hiking, rafting, bike riding, bouldering, swimming in Lower Yosemite Falls, s’mores, skipping rocks… it was just my idea of heaven on earth.

The last time we went to camp there, in the Housekeeping Campground, was after my senior year of high school, the summer of 2000. It’s been 18 years.

Back in 2012, my sister tried to revive the tradition, even creating a Facebook Group for all of the people who used to do this and we all tried to reserve housekeeping units. But nobody could get in.

But recently, I decided to try again. Not for whole week, just for one night. At the end of May I had our sons for two nights without the girls and I thought it was the perfect time to see if we could get up there for a night. And you know what… we did it! The three vlogs (video) below are from those couple of days.

What’s even better? I took the whole family back for two nights for Father’s Day! I’ve got a different vlog coming for that! So we are starting a new tradition. It probably won’t be a week, but we’re sharing some adventures with our kids in the wild! Looking forward to more.

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