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Why You Need a Remote Executive Assistant

September 26, 2022
by Micah Foster, Co-Founder of Dream Support LLC

Remote executive assistants are sometimes referred to as virtual assistants. At Dream Support, we believe this devalues their profession, as these days, business owners are looking for proactive , hard-working, and intuitive individuals that help them not only perform administrative tasks but also help generate profit, add missing skill sets and increase productivity.   

Many business owners struggle to keep up with the day-to-day of running their business—burying themselves in work and not realizing they need help. We get it; the thought of sourcing, vetting and delegating tasks to a remote executive assistant is daunting. However, no business becomes successful without at least a little help.

At Dream Support, we connect highly qualified and vetted US-based remote executive assistants with entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business owners for various placements. This article outlines the eight top reasons for hiring a remote executive assistant and how it might change the way you do business.

  1. More Time for Core Tasks: As a business owner, the most pressing tasks that bring real value to your company are often overlooked due to your pressing schedule and the mounting pile of administrative tasks. In such circumstances, a professional, organized remote executive assistant is essential as they undertake business objectives strategically. Whether you require market research, data entry, email management, online marketing, handling customer inquiries, or writing communications for marketing channels, a remote executive assistant can take these jobs off your hands.
  2. Time to Scale: The time when a business scales is a crucial period. In some cases, it can be make or break. You might be looking at making some hires but can’t get bogged down in the meantime. This is where hiring a remote executive assistant will allow your business operations to continue to run smoothly. Having the ability to delegate time-consuming tasks without rushing the recruitment process will allow you to cope with the increased demands scaling a business brings.
  3. You Haven’t Taken a Break in a While: When was the last time you took a vacation? Have you spent much time with your family or closest friends lately? Even when you do, are you too tired to enjoy it? We get it. Time to rest and de-stress is essential for physical and mental well-being, and work can often get in the way.  Hiring a remote executive assistant will untie you from the essential workflow of your business, freeing you up to engage in rest, hobbies or vacations. Being incapable of removing yourself from your business’s day-to-day isn’t healthy, so why not offload some of that work to someone who can help? Our clients tell us it has done them a world of good!
  4. Increased Productivity: When you started out on your journey, we are sure you didn’t envision spending hours and hours on office management-related tasks. To-do lists can get out of hand quickly, and it is easy to lose focus on creating value for your company. Often, this can lead to a negative mindset which is not an ideal way to start every day. Knowing that you have a remote executive assistant on hand to solve issues such as managing your schedule, arranging meetings, and other administrative tasks can put you back in the winners’ corner. The advancement of technology in video conferencing, digital workspaces, shared tools, and cloud computing now allows a remote executive assistant to remotely handle what used to be done in an office. Our clients often speak of how much less overwhelmed they feel and more productive their day is after hiring an online assistant.
  5. Cost Reduction: When you hire a remote executive assistant, you don’t have to consider paying sick days, vacation, or insurance, saving a lot of money in the long run. With Dream Support, you buy packages that range from five to 40 hours per week, and the cost differs depending on what services you need. We handle the rest. Full-time employees can be expensive. When hiring a remote executive assistant, you only pay for the work you need to do and nothing else. Because we go through an extensive vetting process, all our remote EAs are guaranteed to make optimal utilization of the allocated time assigned to them so you can stay on top of your budget.
  6. Access to Skills You Don’t Possess: Let’s face it, nobody has all the skills to be successful, and even if they did, there would never be enough time in a day to perform them adequately and efficiently.  Remote Executive Assistants have areas of expertise that allow business owners to maintain and advance strategic partnerships. At Dream Support, we ensure all our executive assistants have excellent verbal and written English communication skills and superior time management. However, these requirements are the bare minimum. Many also have an MBA, CRM proficiency, social media knowledge, and marketing skills, to name a few. With proper delegation, you will find that a remote executive assistant adds considerable hard and soft skills that can improve your output every day. 
  7. Independent and Initiative Takers: Working online isn’t the same as working in an office. Remote executive assistants make the most of their time and require less coaxing and cajoling to get the job done right. It is essential that you hire an independent thinker who can take the initiative without constant supervision. Dream Support offers training and a skill-sharing platform for all our assistants, which hastens the period of acclimation to your company and encourages autonomy.
  8. Following Up Made Easier: For any entrepreneur, missing a meeting or failing to follow up with a client can be the difference between making and losing money. However, when you are pressed for time, things get dropped.  Even worse is not having the capacity to take on extra clients! Imagine a potentially significant contract gets in contact, but because your schedule is all over the map, you have to turn them down. All you are doing is letting money walk out the door, as well as future business and anyone they might refer to you. Not a great scenario, is it?

These are just eight ways hiring a remote executive assistant can help your business. There are so many more benefits! The only way to find out is by taking that leap of faith. Why not contact us at Dream Support so we can find the perfect match for your needs? We would love for you to get the help you need!