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Gmail in Shift

The problem I’ve had for several years now is that I’ve got my entrepreneurial hands in several different things. YouTube, personal website, consulting, church-based ministry, podcast, and our Virtual Assistant business, Dream Support LLC. So I’ve got emails for every corner of my life and with each email comes a set of tools I use to help organize that corner of my life. Tools like Asana, Slack, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gusto, Freshbooks, 1Password, and more. 

But switching between all of these tools has been difficult. I’m often looking at the wrong Google Drive and having to re-login to the account I’m working on at the moment. 

I’ve even scheduled meetings through the wrong Google Calendar without realizing it, but NOT ANYMORE.


Slack in Shift

Shift is an all-in-one desktop app. I’ve been fed ads for them for at least a year now and finally, after seeing the ad over and over again (yes, targeted advertising does work), I finally clicked the link and to my delight, it was the answer to the above problems.

To be fair, I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks, but I’m loving it.

Here are my top 5 reasons for loving SHIFT.

  1. Shift allows me to seamlessly switch between various google accounts without mixing it up or having to re-authenticate or re-login every time I switch between accounts.
  2. Shift has 100’s of integrations with various kinds of tools and Applications. So far, I’ve set up 5 Google Accounts, Asana, Slack, Click-up, Calendly, Freshbooks, 1Password, Instagram, Facebook Business Manager, Hellosign and Gusto. I’m sure I’ll be adding more as I become more familiar with all that SHIFT has to offer.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded Shift to a computer, you can use the primary sign in to gain access to your entire account. That includes all of the email accounts and applications you’ve linked to your primary account. Imagine needing to use a different computer for a day, just download the app and you can regain everything you need… fast! That can be a life-saver.
  4. Shift allows you to create Workspaces which are like a cluster of applications that you use for a certain task, client, job, etc. In all honesty, I haven’t even delved into the workspaces part of Shift yet, but I can see the potential is huge, particularly for people that serve multiple clients, like Virtual Assistants.
  5. Shift also allows you to use Chrome extensions inside of shift. Now I’m not a big Chrome extension guy, in fact, I prefer Safari over Chrome, but I know lots of people who live and die by their Chrome extensions.
Asana in Shift

I’m barely scratching the surface on what Shift can do and so far, I’m loving it. As soon as my trial period ended, I quickly realized that this is a product worth my investment, so I bought it and I’m actively using it. You can use a free version, but you won’t be able to add as many accounts and your email will say “sent using shift” at the bottom, which I was not about to keep in my emails. But don’t worry because if you upgrade, you can turn that off!

You can get a 50% discount with this code “Power50” if you purchase your account before Friday, Dec 3rd at 11:59PM PST and if you use my affiliate link, I’ll get a little kickback from the purchase as well, which I would be grateful for.

Again, if you are an entrepreneur, have your hands in a lot of different projects or handle a lot of things for different clients, Shift can help you stay on track and organized. Obviously, I highly recommend it.