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In this episode I talk about some crucial Craigslist Tips.

Lines at Apple.

March 18, 2011 — Leave a comment

Arrived at the Santa Rosa Mall at 8:40am.
Found myself in the back of this line.
(approx. 70 people back)

At 9am the store started handing out vouchers for the models they got today.
A couple in front of me had been there the previous day and bought 2 iPads each (4 total).
An Apple Store employee found them in line and said, “I helped you yesterday and you both hit your lifetime purchase maximum for the iPad2.”
Another couple of guys in front of me had come 2 other days that week and not been able to buy.
One dude behind me sounded exactly like Dane Cook when he talked.
Two guys behind me had been there 3 other times this past week.
When the Apple employee talked to the guy right in front of me he said, “I have 1 16GB wifi model and 2 verizons left.”
My heart sank because the 16GB wifi model is the most popular and the one I wanted.
The guy replied, “I need an AT&T model.”
So because he passed it up, I got this.

And I walked out with this.

Josiah loves apple products. Here’s how I know. He learned to crawl by placing an iPhone in front of him. Is this a good thing or bad?