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Two Cities Glimpse Media

November 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

On Nov 17 we had our second service, a glimpse, at Two Cities Church.
We have two events in December coming up.
Check out this Instagram videos and pictures from different people on our Launch Team depicting what went down at the service.
Click here to see videos from Oct 13.

Also read: What Happened Yesterday? to see what happened at our second glimpse of Two Cities Church.

…and that’s how it should be.

Come help us create this kind of place in Fresno/Clovis, Ca.

Launch Group This Sunday

September 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

Launch Logo
Two Cities Church has a weekly gathering of people who are either a part of our launch team or are curious about what we’re doing.┬áLaunch Group is our pre-launch community group experience. We come together once a week to build vision, mission, values and a sense of family into our launch team. This is an open environment and anyone is welcome to attend.

Launch Groups meet on Sunday nights at 6pm unless we are hosting a NEXT event that day. [see the schedule here]

If you’d like more information about the Launch Group, you can find an invitation with the address here on Facebook.

What do you believe and how will it affect how Two Cities Church functions?

I’m getting some questions like the one above, not stated exactly like that, but in a roundabout way, this is what a few people are asking me. Let me answer that by listing our Core Values and a question that we ask that helps us to think through them:

  • Biblical Authority: Maximum freedom is found under the authority of the principles found in the Bible. Are your priorities consistent with scripture?
  • Intimacy with God: A person who is growing in their intimacy and relationship with God is applying truth rather than simply learning truth. Is your relationship with God growing?
  • Relevant Environments: It is our role to create relevant environments, it is God’s role to change lives. Are our environments appealing, engaging, and helpful?
  • Relational Evangelism: We must break free of the Christian sub-culture to engage with non-believers because God’s message of forgiveness through Christ is most effectively conveyed within the context of personal relationships. We deeply believe in the principle of Invest in people and Inviting them. In whom are you investing?
  • Authentic Community: Sustained life-change as well as accountability, belonging, care and spiritual growth happen most effectively with relationally connected believers. Are you in a small group?
  • Strategic Service: Our spiritual gifts have maximum impact when exercised in support of our strategy. The best way to figure out where to start serving, is to just serve somewhere. Where are you serving?
  • Intentional Apprenticeship: Success is succession. We are responsible to pass along to others the knowledge, skills, and opportunities that have been entrusted to us. Who are you apprenticing?

Each of these values are just words on a screen unless we, Two Cities Church, lives them out.

For more information and to be kept in the loop about what’s going on as we plant this new church in the Fresno/Clovis area, you can Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

Santa Clara Church

October 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

A few days ago, Paul Haugen, and I had the awesome pleasure to speak with a church-planter about launching his first “glimpse” or “pre-view” service. He invited us to come watch and evaluate the service as well. This is the stuff that fuels me. I walked away from that call on fire… I love sharing what we’ve learned with other church leaders. For 4 years now I’ve been praying for more North Point Strategic Partners to pop up around the West Coast and more specifically, California. Finally, we’re getting one in Santa Clara. So, if you have friends in the South Bay, there’s a new place for you to invite them to: Santa Clara Church.

Family Day in Napa

January 8, 2011 — Leave a comment

Erica and I decided to go on a little family outing last Monday. We’ve been through Napa (the city) a couple of times for dinner or just driving through, but we wanted to go see what all the fuss is about. We walked all around downtown. It was COLD. And here are some pics. (BTW, Josiah walked in public — milestone)

Long Drive Home

August 4, 2009 — Leave a comment

driveWe are finally home. Yesterday we left Calabasas, Ca and headed north. The way home was not as fun as the way down. We took the I-5 all the way. There’s nothing along the 5. We’re happy to be back and I’ll be posting some debrief posts this week.

Vacation // Day 2

July 31, 2009 — Leave a comment

Yesterday we left Monterey and headeddown the 101. I’ve never drievn down the central coast of California before. There’s almost nothing between Monterey and San Luis Obispo…and now I understand why I had never drievn that part before.

We made a few stops along the way including Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara and Malibu. Here are some pictures from along the way.