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I’ve often said things like, “I wish people knew that Clovis isn’t all cowboys.” For a long time I’ve been trying to make peace with the cowboy nature of my hometown with little to no resolve. I grew up on two acres in Clovis, but we didn’t have cattle or sheep or pigs. My dad had a few fruit trees and my grandma had a garden, so I guess you could say we were more like micro-farmers, than real farmers and definitely not cowboys. I’ve never owned spurs, let alone boots, except for when I was 5, but that doesn’t count. I did have a cowboy hat, but we bought it at Disneyland’s Frontier Land. That doesn’t count either. I’ve ridden a horse maybe once or twice, while it was being guided by someone along a trail in Yosemite Valley.

Now, don’t get me wrong because I LOVE CLOVIS. I even married an amazing woman who went to Clovis High School, the original cowboy school. I think it’s an amazing place to grow up, raise a family and be a citizen. I just never pictured myself as a cowboy, so I didn’t really relate to that side of Clovis.¬†But after watching this video made by ABC30 news, I have to admit… when the man says “they just want to be a cowboy for one week out of the year”… I’m tempted to actually attend the Clovis¬†Rodeo. And I have a secret, it would be my first. Don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to be disowned.

Although I’m thinking of going to the rodeo… you won’t catch me doing this.

So, who’s going to the 100th year of the Clovis Rodeo in 2014 and who wants to be a cowboy for a week?