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Meet My Parents

June 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

On Friday night, at our Night of Worship, we premiered a video about my parent’s story. In honor of Father’s Day, I’m releasing it today on my blog. My mom’s last day of radiation is this Thursday! Enjoy.

[don’t see the video? click here]

#Pray4Mots Update

March 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

If you haven’t been keeping up with my mom’s struggle with breast cancer, here’s my previous post.


It’s been a very interesting ride through this process since we first found out. She went through Chemo and her first surgery and here’s the latest update from my dad:

UPDATE Cheryl Foster: This morning we had two follow-up Dr. appts and ALL GOOD NEWS. They took out two lymph nodes and three scrapes and they were 100% clear. Of the two breast tumors that she had, one was completely gone and the other had shrunk to less than 1/4″ when they did the pathology report. Dr. Gumina said that the Chemo had done what it was supposed to do. We are confident when we say that God took care of this cancer and we give Him all the glory and praise for her cure. It’s through friends like you who we have leaned on for prayers for Cheryl and me in these five months that we say THANK YOU for your support. God listened and did what we asked, no doubt about it. Dr. Gumina said today that she is of the opinion that Cheryl doesn’t have to do the radiation treatments, but it’s not her field of expertise and would rely on what Dr. Do, Radiation Oncologist says. Again we praise God for this and ask for your prayers to continue the healing process not only physically but emotionally for Cheryl. She has been very brave these months, hasn’t complained one bit that I’m aware of and has never said “Why Me”. She accepted it and is confident that God has something in mind for both of us as His witnesses on this earth. Thanks again and we love you. I will do another post when a final decision is made about the radiation, yes or no.

So, thank you for all who have been in PRAYER TOGETHER for her healing and recovery.

It is on this EASTER morning that I am thankful that Jesus reigns, overcame the grave and yes, my mom is cancer free.

18 Months.

October 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

For the last 18 months my dad has been out of work. He owned his own construction company for years called Don Foster Construction. He specialized in building church buildings up and down the west coast. I don’t know the exact amount, but I think he’s built somewhere about 65 church buildings of all denominations (I’m guessing). But when the economy tanked, churches stopped building and remodeling. He closed his business and joined a larger construction firm in the Vancouver, Wa area. After a few months they downsized and he got the axe. He’s applied for hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs in the last 18 months.

In November his unemployment was going to stop. In November, my parents would be able to make their last house payment. And in December…the collectors were gearing up to come knocking. But in God’s grace and in His perfect timing I got a call saying that my dad was hired. He was hired in the industry he knows, helping a construction company grow their business AND it is for the salary that my parents need to be able to pay their bills.

Through the last 18 months I’ve seen him:

  • Ask for prayer
  • Wait on God
  • Actively seeking employment (of ANY kind)
  • Volunteer his time (like crazy) at his church
  • Consistently say, “I know God will take care of it”
  • And more.

So things are looking up for my parents. And my dad will finally get to work.

If you’re struggling. If you’re jobless. If you are running out of time…trust in Jesus. He will pull you through. Be productive. Volunteer. Give away even when it’s your last crumb. He will pull you through.