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Every fall charities across the United States hold fundraising galas to provide for a large chunk of their annual budget. They rely on the generosity of donors who give $10-$10,000 gifts to get them through the holidays and the following year.

As a partner in the Four12 Group (what’s that?), I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with several of these organizations in helping them develop content, themes, speeches, printed materials, scripts for the “ask” and more. I’m honored to have been able to help them in their fundraising efforts. Watch this CBS47 (Fresno News Station) spot featuring one of these events.

There are dozens of challenges in fundraising gala events, but here are two that we try to address when we work with an organization.

  1. People don’t really know what the organization does.
    For example, people think the Fresno Rescue Mission is a soup kitchen. While they provide meals for people everyday, they are much more than that. They provide services to get people from the street back into mainstream life as a productive and contributing citizen. [Want to know what the Fresno Rescue Mission does? Watch this.]
  2. People know you’re about to ask them for money, so they come in with a predetermined defensive wall.
    They know they are going to be moved to give, but they don’t want to give away the farm, and they shouldn’t. But they can probably give more than they think they can. Helping them to take down their defensive wall can help with that.

The following video was written and produced by the Four12 Group with the help of some actors and volunteers from Clovis Hills Community Church. It was intended to help facilitate the lightening-up of the crowd. It was shot with british-humor and it was created for the Fresno Rescue Mission’s annual fundraising gala. It’s quite fancy.

If you are involved with an organization that puts on a fancy fundraising gala, we purposely made this video generic enough for you to use. Please inquire by emailing

Sometimes churches have to raise some funds.
Sometimes they do strange things to accomplish that goal. 😉
But how far is too far?
Do you think this is appropriate or inappropriate and why?