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In this episode I talk about some crucial Craigslist Tips.

Welcome XP3 Peeps!

April 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Today XP3 ( released my blog as a blog to watch. Thanks for the shout out!

The reason they chose my blog is because of a little eBook I released a couple of weeks ago called Social Media Tips for the Church. You can find it here. I’d be more than happy to consult with you on your social media strategy, just hit me up with a comment or email.

I wanted to provide some specific information for all my student ministry friends who are visiting my blog today and the days to follow. So here are some blogs from the past specifically about social media. Enjoy.

Here’s a quick correction to my by-line in the email. I was the Service Programming Director, until we hired my friend Paul. I oversee our Student Ministries Director, Chris. And my title today is Groups Director, Exec. Student Ministries Director and Web/Marketing Director. Just wanted to give credit, where credit is due.

Follow me on Twitter. @micahfoster @organineer @SMTips4Church

Reward apps are another way to get paid. They reward you every time you fulfill a task and broadcast it to a social network. For instance, every time I go to Starbucks, I take a picture of myself and my drink. I load it up through the app and send it out via Foursquare. As a result I get 50 points and points translate into cents.





Another App that Pays is ThumbSpeak, yet another survey app. Here’s what you do… Wait until surveys are available to you, take them, accumulate $10 and cash out.






In my Apps That Pay Series I’ve been taking a lot screen shots to show you that I actually get paid to use my iPhone.

iJob is another one of those apps. I’ve only made $1 from it so far, but it was an easy buck.



I filled out a quick survey and they sent me cash. I love these apps. iJob has had the least amount of available jobs.

In my quest to make the most out of having an iPhone, I’ve been trying out different ways to make money as a user. I’ve reviewed a few different apps, but haven’t talked about survey apps yet. Survey apps pay you a few cents for every survey you take. They collect that data and use it for various types of market research and public opinion polls.

NPolls pays via paypal you when you’ve accumulated $10. Here’s some screenshots.







My next app that pays is called iSecretshop. It’s awesome! I’ve only used it once… So far, but I plan on using it frequently.

I shopped on my lunch break at a local place, which shall remain anonymous, and they paid me.

Here’s the confirmation email screenshot:


They paid me $10 an reimbursed me up to $10, and that covered all the expense! So I made $10 off it and got to eat something! Pretty cool, eh? I can give you an invite to be a secret shopper if you comment.

Recently, I’ve fascinated with the idea of companies doing market research, polls, and inventory checks through smartphone users. Today I’ll highlight one App called Field Agent.

Let’s say you’ve got to go to Target to get a few things. While you’re there you open up Field Agent to check and see if there are any jobs you could make a few bucks on.

There are! You find the display they want to check out, you snap a picture, you answer three short questions and a few days later $4.50 is deposited into your PayPal account. That’s the basic gist. It’s easy.






The funny part is watching the people around you while you do “the job.” I wonder what they think I was doing?

I’ve made almost $100 off of these Apps. Stay tuned for more.

Apps That Pay Part 1

November 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

A couple of months ago I came across an article about how some people use their iPhone to make a few extra bucks. So, I decided to give it a try. I downloaded a bunch of apps and I’m going to release reviews of each one, whether they worked, and if I think it’s worth it.

Some of these apps give bonuses for referrals … So just let me know of you want a referral. Here’s a screen shot of my “money” folder.


Is this accurate?
Where do you fall in this info graphic?