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Recently, Jade was baptized at New Vintage Church.
Click here to see her baptism story.

She has big faith.
She stood in front of 250 of her peers at her public high school, in Northern California and read a paper she wrote.
She shared the paper with me and I’m sharing it with you.
She wrote the following in response to a writing prompt, “English Journal #27, Describe a moment that has changed you in some way. Tell the story.”

As you read, imagine being a high school student, reading this to your peers.

As I was dunked under the freezing cold water, the last thing I thought about was breathing. I didn’t thrash, or try to find the surface; I just laid there depending on my friend to pull me up and out. I had never thought something like this could be so peaceful; not a sound or sight. Not a worry or care. PEace. I was finally at peace.

Everyone says the initial change occurs when you accept Jesus into your heart, but I feel like the bigger change occurred in me when I was baptized. I accepted Christ into my heart a mere three years ago, and I have been growing in my faith and relationship with the Lord ever since. But when my youth leader dunked me under water, I feel like my entire mindset and perspective on the world changed. For those few seconds that I was under water, I was entirely at peace with myself and the world around me. I had completely forgotten about everything; I had not a worry or care. I was extremely nervous walking up on stage in front of hundreds of people. When I gave my testimony I was scared to death, but I had faith, and I was doing it to declare my love for the Lord. I went in thinking that I would try to look good and happy when I came up and out of the water; that I would smile and maybe tell a joke, but it all slipped my mind when I was underwater. I felt completely still, and I am convinced that God is and has always been with me. I realized that he’s always been there with me, from the time that I was little, and knew nothing of him, to now when I was declaring my faith in front of hundreds. After I was baptized I believe my faith grew even stronger. I began to see his hand in all of creation. Now every time I look out the window or around a room I am astound at all the glory in his work. Every time a Christian song comes on the radio I catch myself singing to it; I just want to belt it out! As much of a believer as I was before, I feel like I understand more now that I’m safe with God and that he has a plan for me. I still have stress, and worry, and all the daily challenges of life, but I think that I look at them differently now’ not as something to break me, but something to build and strengthen me. I aspire to be not perfect, or even close for that matter, but to live my life to the fullest for and with Jesus Christ.

Yep. Jade has big faith.
She’s not done and God’s not done with her.
But she stepped out of the boat to read this to her peers.
Some people said it was really cool and others just think she’s weird.
I think she loves Jesus and Jesus loves her.

When’s the last time you stepped out of the boat?