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An Honest Facebook Lookback

February 7, 2014 — 1 Comment

An Honest Facebook Lookback

Tripp and Tyler are on a roll. If you haven’t seen their recent viral video, A Conference Call in Real Life, click here. On the 10th anniversary of Facebook, Facebook made every user a personalized “lookback” or video of their Facebook highlights. It’s pretty amazing, actually. All you have to do is follow this link, while logged in of course, and boom you can see your personalized “lookback” and it might just make you cry. But Tripp and Tyler have decided that’s the perfect thing to parody. If you think about it, the movies the Facebook team have assembled, do make all of our lives pretty fantastical. What if they were a little more honest? I’m really impressed with the speed at which Tripp and Tyler respond to pop-culture. So, go ahead and watch… An Honest Facebook Lookback (movie).

Now that I’ve got your attention from my blog title. Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago I watched The Social Network for the first time. I was glued to the tv the entire movie. Great writing, great story and great acting. But the thing that struck me the most was the ending scene. Forget about everything Mark Zuckerberg (co-creator of Facebook) did, right or wrong. Forget about all the actors and scenes. Concentrate for a moment just on this ending scene. Don’t read the ending “what happened to” titles… just concentrate on what he’s doing in this last scene.

That’s what Jesus does to us every day. He knocks and he seeks out a real, not just electronic or intellectual, relationship with you and me. He refreshes constantly, waits consistently and pursues relentlessly a relationship with YOU. And he refreshes, and and he refreshes, and he refreshes to see… if you’ve responded.

So, have you?