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What if your kids looked back on their childhood and thought, “those were some epic times?”

I have a friend whose family didn’t save a penny for their kids college education. Their theory was that it was up to their kids to figure out how to pay for college and instead of saving for their future, they spent money on making memories. They took trips to Disneyland, from Oregon, every year. They had jet skies and lived on the Willamette River, just south of Portland, Or. Thankfully, for their family, paying for college education worked out. I’m not advocating that their decision is right for everyone, but I do like the idea that every family needs to create epic memories with their kids.

For me, growing up, my epic memories were our yearly camping trips to Yosemite. In face, to this day, I would say that Yosemite is my favorite place in the world. I have fond memories of swimming in the river, eating at the village, camping in the housekeeping units, floating down the river, hiking, discovering hidden falls, eating ice-cream at happy isles, biking the valley, star-gazing from glacier point after sunset and camp fires! When I reached my teenage years, my parents let me bring 2-3 friends along every year. We swam in the bottom of Yosemite Falls everyday. That will knock the wind out of you!

It’s important, through the crazy-busy lives we live, to take time out. To hang out with your kids. To give them some undivided attention. To take trips, when you can. To make epic memories together. Because one day, that’s what they’ll remember. A childhood full of epic memories, is a happy childhood. It’s a childhood I’d like to pass on.

In that spirit, yesterday morning, my son and I made a movie entitled Epic Battle: Good vs. Evil. Enjoy.

We made this movie using an app called Directr. It’s great because they provide you a storyboard with sketches and the music. Essentially you just follow the instructions to make a great little movie.

So, go, create epic memories with your kids. They don’t happen on their own. You’ve got to make time.

KidStuf Live Christmas

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If you missed KidStuf Live Christmas Edition at New Vintage Church, you can watch the movie here:

Now that I’ve got your attention from my blog title. Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago I watched The Social Network for the first time. I was glued to the tv the entire movie. Great writing, great story and great acting. But the thing that struck me the most was the ending scene. Forget about everything Mark Zuckerberg (co-creator of Facebook) did, right or wrong. Forget about all the actors and scenes. Concentrate for a moment just on this ending scene. Don’t read the ending “what happened to” titles… just concentrate on what he’s doing in this last scene.

That’s what Jesus does to us every day. He knocks and he seeks out a real, not just electronic or intellectual, relationship with you and me. He refreshes constantly, waits consistently and pursues relentlessly a relationship with YOU. And he refreshes, and and he refreshes, and he refreshes to see… if you’ve responded.

So, have you?

Meet Ken.

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hahahahahahahah. love this.