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The Best Carol Ever!

December 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

Merry Christmas Eve!

Sometimes Christmas carols can get a little old, especially when you’ve been listening to the same ones for over a month everywhere you go. But North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA has solved that problem with “The Best Carol Ever”.

I present to you, “Christmas in Bevelton”

From the very beginning Two Cities Church sought to partner with two organizations that have unique ways to help us have a successful launch. Both organizations have helped us wade through a lot of legal and leadership details. These organizations are North Point Ministries and Growing Healthy Churches.

We started our formal relationship with GHC in mid January. Here’s a little video about who they are and where they’ve come from.

The Magic of Disney

November 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

I came across a volunteer training from North Point Community Church. They brought out Lee Cockerell, former CEO of Disney World, to speak about leadership to their volunteers. Here’s one, of many, things that stuck out to me as I watched his talk.

The follow list was discovered when Disney World hired the Gallup organization to survey 6,000 guests on what they expected when they visited Disney World. He made the case that these expectations can be applied to any organization or business, even a church.

So think about the following list and ask yourself how this relates to the church. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The 4 Guest Expectations:

  • Make me feel special
  • Treat me as an individual
  • Show respect to me and my family
  • Have knowledgeable employees
  • What do you get when you have these three things…
    Down Syndrome, an iPad and a story?

    Jennifer Everett

    I especially love that she serves on their Host Team!

    Where would Jennifer fit into your church or community?
    Would she have a place?

    There’s a gut check for ya.

    I first heard about North Point in the fall of 2006, when Erica and I were taken by a church we worked for to their Drive Conference. It was a game changing experience. I loved working in ministry, but felt like something was missing. What was missing? A clear sense of strategy and a calling for specific way to do ministry. North Point and Andy Stanley gave me words to say what I already felt in my soul. Here are two videos about the history of this great part of the body-of-Christ:

    Want to know more about what was so incredible? Here’s a post I wrote a little while back on it.

    This post if part of my life mentors blog series. More posts here:
    Andy Benton
    Cheronn Foster
    Jason Foster
    Coach Vance Walberg
    Westin NobleĀ 

    (note from the Drive Conference)

    Session Led by David McDaniel

    • In order to grow, a local church needs:
      -Empty Seats at optimal times
      -Inviters within a 20-minute drive-time radius (maybe shorter in non-metro areas)
      -Invitees within a 20-minute drive-time radius (maybe shorter in non-metro areas)
      -Local autonomy to weigh the opportunities for growth and the consequences of growth with the responsibility of resourcing that growth
    • A local church following the North Point model must grow to stay true to its mission, strategy and core values
      -Growth strategies should always progress from simple to complex
      -Single-site growth is the least complex way to grow
      -Multi-site growth should occur only when single-site growth is no longer an option
      -The best way to accomplish multi-site growth, balancing empty seats, nearby inviters, and nearby invitees is through cannibalization
    • A local church may choose to participate in Kingdom growth by planting autonomous churches outside of its market area
      -We (north point) plant new churches in locations that clearly do not cannibalize the attendance of any of our existing campuses
      -We (north point) plant churches in nearly locations as long as they will not conflict with our 5-year campus growth path
    • Conclusion
      -Our highest level of influence with outsiders occurs closets to our original campuses. We use our own staff leadership and monetary resources to add more campuses to our local church to reach people.
      -Beyond these nearby opportunities, we launch independent churches using our same church model to develop influence with outsiders. We leverage outside leadership and outside fundraising for these efforts.



    While at the Drive Conference last week I had the opportunity to heard a lot of helpful information. One of the breakouts I attended was called Reaching & Equipping Disconnected Adults, by Justin Elam. While a lot of the focus was on GroupLink (a way to get people into community groups), there were some overarching themes and key thoughts I thought were worth sharing here. Here are some of them. They may be new or old to you, but either way… try to read them as if it was brand new information.

    • we design our model of ministry around the idea that we believe sustained life-change happens in the context of long-term (2 years) community groups.
    • our (North Point Community Church) current strategy isn’t connecting the desired amount of adults that attend our weekend service
    • they asked the question, “What if we created an easier step?”
    • answer: Access Groups
    • Access Groups are groups that are geared towards the newcomer and also geared more towards the felt needs of people.
    • For example, there’s a group that deals with finances, a group that deals with parenting, a divorce recovery group, etc.
    • Again, these are geared towards the newcomer, so if someone is already in a community group… this would be a step backwards whereas the new person might find a regular long-term community group daunting… these groups are only 6-8 long and designed to give them helpful information while they start to get a taste of what real community is like.
    • The hope is that these groups would like to move on into a regular community group and they may even sign up together since they’ve begun to form a friendship.

    What do you think about the idea of Access Groups? Long-term vs. Short-term groups?

    Another video from the Drive Conference 2011.

    So here’s the deal.
    At Drive, during registration, I competed against Paul Haugen and Ronald Berg in a wii-dance-off.
    The song was chosen by Paul.
    The game measures points by the movement of one hand.
    Paul won, by the game’s standards.
    But I want to know you think should win based on total, overall, movement.
    Voting begins after you watch the following video.


    Drive 11

    March 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

    Drive kicked off yesterday. I will be posting lots of leadership and strategy quotes and content from all the sessions as well as the breakouts I attend. It will take me a couple of days to sift through ad process everything.

    Right now all I can say is…

    1. It is amazing to be here with this team.
    2. It is amazing to be a part of such and amazing kingdom movement.

    Jesus Reigns.

    That’s all for now.