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In the wake of so much tragedy, my best friend, Paul Haugen has released a song that he wrote a few months ago. It is meant to bring hope and inspire and I pray it does those things for you. Enjoy.

“I wrote this song a few months ago after the divisiveness on my Facebook feed had reached a high point. I had this sense in me that in spite of all of our differences and strongly held beliefs there was and is a connective tissue that holds us together; that there’s this thing inside of us that makes us so much better together than we could ever be apart. I believe that connective tissue is hope. I think we all want better. We all want change. We just are really bad at listening sometimes. I remembered a time in my life where I felt safe and I really want that for my kids. What really scared me was thinking about how long it had been since I felt that way and the thought that my kids might grow up in a world without that feeling of safety. I wanted to write this as my stake in the ground declaring that I believe we can be more; that we can be better. So this is me hoping that we find a way to love one another and maybe find a little bit of hope.” – Paul Haugen

Ho Hey Sample Clip

December 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

At Two Cities we play popular music at the start of our services for the purpose of creating common ground with everyone in the room. Here’s a sample of that music from our second service that took place on Nov 17, 2013.

Keep up-to-date with our events by clicking here.

Volunteer Staff

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Before we began the journey of church-planting, Paul Haugen and I met with Steve Davidson, Co-Lead Pastor of Clovis Hills Community Church. I wanted to let him know that we appreciate the work he and Clovis Hills has done in our community and in many ways we “stand on the shoulders” of him and several other pastors in town who have paved the way for church-planting in our two cities. While picking his brain on the experience he had in church planting he told me to get as many qualified volunteer staff as possible to take on certain tasks and departments.

In that spirit and following my previous post Who is our Customer, I thought it would be fitting to introduce our volunteer staff at Two Cities Church. So here’s a snapshot of our volunteer staff positions. These are people who have decided they want to be a part of this to the point where they will put in extra time and use the talents they have to further the mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. There are four main departments in terms of staff structure at Two Cities. Those are: Service Programming, Family Ministry, Group Life, and Ministry Services. Many of use wear multiple hats and in some cases, in multiple departments. Over the long haul that won’t work, but we will always be working to replace ourselves. In no particular order…

(the following pictures were taken from their twitter profiles, so that’s why paul looks like a little girl… lol)

Paul Haugen, Service Programming Director [In 2014, Paul became a part-time staff member, while holding down two other jobs.]

Erica Foster, Children’s Ministry Director, Waumba Land Director

Erika Loach, UpStreet Director

Chris Loach, Director of Ministry Services, UpStreet Large Group Coordinator, Student Ministry Director

Darren Grubel, Production Director, Media Director

Thilani Grubel, Media Director, Production Vol. Coordinator, Graphic Designer

Tim Douty, Music Director

Jill Douty, Vocal Director

brian costume
Brian Weber, Guest Services Director

I imagine that in the coming months we will discover amongst our team a great Group Life Director, team captains for many strategic service teams and lots of fantastic volunteers! The people listed above are just the volunteer STAFF, not all of the volunteers, but the ones specific asked to fill a role that in the future, may be full-time, part-time or contract work. Every one of these people has filled these rolls before at different churches,

[Last updated on July 11, 2014]


Chances are, if you know me or anyone from Two Cities Church, you’ve seen the above graphic anyone from 5.3 to 200 times. Why? Because we’re putting the word out via Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Blogs, and business card sized invites. This is the first ever, Night of Worship at Two Cities Church. We are excited to create this environment, not just for people involved with Two Cities, but really anybody who has an interest in celebrating what God is doing in their life. And if celebrating isn’t something you feel like doing, then maybe you just need some inspiration to get through today. It doesn’t matter where you fall on that spectrum, this night is for you to connect with the savior and king of the universe, Jesus Christ.

This is NOT a recruitment event.
This is NOT a vision event.
This is a celebration.
All people are welcome.

The band is going to be rocking and our vocalists will include Paul Haugen, Jill Douty, Tim Douty, Mauro DeBenedetto and Chelsea DeBenedetto.

Friday, June 14 @ 6:30pm
The Venue @ Clovis Hills Community Church
More DEETS here

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We have created a new micro-site to help show our friends, family, supporters and interested people WHO is involved with Two Cities Church. We will continually update the site as we shoot new videos. Here’s the first of many installments of #WeAreTwoCities.

Meet Paul and Jenn Haugen….

I’ve got a friend, Paul Haugen.
I’ve known Paul since I was a sophomore at Clovis West High School.
We were in a boy band together for a little bit. (YouTube wasn’t around yet, and I’m glad)
Paul moved his family to Santa Rosa, Ca in January of ’11.
Paul is moving his family back to Fresno on August 1.
Paul is moving to help us plant Two Cities Church.
Two Cities Church can not pay Paul yet.
Paul is taking a huge leap of faith.
Paul needs a job to provide for his family of 4.
Paul is also a fantastic worship leader.
Paul has Sundays and evenings open to lead worship at your church or ministry.
Paul also loves to take pop music and create acoustic covers of those songs to play in otherl venues.
I recommend him for churches, parties, grand-openings, fundraisers, background music, and anything else where you’d like live-music for either a Christian, Non-Profit, Venue or Corporate Business environment.
Book him now!
Here’s a sampling of his talent.

You can book him by going to his website and clicking on the music tab. Here’s the direct link.


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I’ve watched people play with Instragram for a couple of years now, but when Facebook bought it a couple of weeks ago… I decided it was time to jump on board and start testing it out. It’s great and here’s why:

  • You can take pictures and make them look awesome
  • The filters give you a variety of awesome to choose from
  • You can follow people, like and comment within the Instragram app
  • It integrates seamlessly with both Facebook and Twitter

So, why would you twitpic and not Instragram?
Make the switch. Do it today.

The picture above is one I took on Sunday @newvintagesoco.

Find more Social Media Tips in my free eBook.


Last week I took my friend Paul to the ER.
Read his post here.
This picture looks worse than it truly is.
It looks like blood has dripped down and onto his shoe, but in reality that’s paint.
The pad in the background, now that’s blood.
Because my wife looks at my blog, I won’t post the picture of the four stitches he got on his hand after a man-lift pinned him down.

This happens all the time. Assumptions can be made based off a picture, video, text message, Facebook post, tweet or any number of other things but it’s always better to trust and believe the best rather than assume the worst. What would happen if we all operated out of trust rather than suspicion?

Just some thoughts to chew on.

Hidden Dance Cam

October 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

The other night I go to pick up Josiah at the Haugens house.
As I exit my car, I hear a lot of noise coming from their place.
I get to the door and this is what I see:

[go to my youtube account and click on “family dancing” to see this video, i removed this video from the blog because youtube puts up “watch this” videos based off of keywords used to describe the video. using the words dance and cam in the descripion mistakingly put it into a category with videos i don’t want to be associated with. by going to my youtube account and watching it within my personal player, you will not be suggested to watch other people’s videos.]

So here’s the deal.
At Drive, during registration, I competed against Paul Haugen and Ronald Berg in a wii-dance-off.
The song was chosen by Paul.
The game measures points by the movement of one hand.
Paul won, by the game’s standards.
But I want to know you think should win based on total, overall, movement.
Voting begins after you watch the following video.