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Fresno Rescue Mission

January 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

Fresno Rescue Mission - Four12 Group
For the past two years the Four12 Group (What’s that?), has had the opportunity to work with the Fresno Rescue Mission¬†on their annual fundraising gala. We’ve helped them create videos, program their evening, run certain aspects of the event and witness amazing stories of life change. The work they are doing in our community is incredible. The staff is genuine, their services are effective and it’s a great place to volunteer and give to support their mission. This past fall we shot and produced a video that helps inform people about what the FRM actually does. Most people would know about one or two of their services, but Rob Cravy, COO says it best.

What the rescue mission provides is generational change. We have the ability with all the services that we provide to give life change, not only to the ricky-rescue that is here today. But the family that he’s directly affecting when he gets home.

Watch the full video we created here:

We love our two cities (Fresno/Clovis) and we want to help local organizations maximize their story-telling capabilities. If you work with a great organization, let’s talk. First, I’d love to feature what you do on this blog and I’d love to see how Four12 can help you tell your unique story. Contact the Four12 Group here.

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