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Today I got an email from Andy to the New Vintage Church staff and board.
In the email Andy asks us all to take an hour and watch thisĀ video.
He then asks us to email our take-aways.
I’m taking it one step further…
I’m giving you my take-aways as well.

1. God really does grow his church, despite the people running it (hahaha)
2. It’s good to hold new Christians to a high standard of living
3. Men need stones.
4. Even during rapid growth, a ton of the SAME people are working day-in and day-out to make sure it runs
5. Despite rapid growth, without boundaries in the lives of those leading the church – anger, resentment, and depression can live in their hearts
6. When they gained traction, Mark grabbed every “Godly, hard-working, Jesus-loving” man he could find to be a leader
7. “I remember sitting in a room with the Elders, praying for God to give us direction — and none of us were sure about what we were about to do (video teaching), but it was pretty much our only option and we did it, and we kept growing” – one of the Pastors
8. From the beginning Mark had clarity on the four things he would pursue and that drove the direction of Mars Hill
– Marry Grace (personal)
– Preach the Bible
– Train Men
– Plant Churches
9. “The last thing to be saved is a person’s wallet ” – Mark Driscoll closes with a challenge to his church, to be generous