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December 19, 2011 — 1 Comment

At New Vintage Church we’re doing something called #nvcwish.
We’re asking people if they could have one wish fulfilled this Christmas Season, what would it be…
People are tweeting and writing on Facebook their #nvcwish and we’re choosing one or two a week that we can make happen.
Seth Naumann tweeted that he wants to walk the Great Wall of China. Obviously, we can’t send him.
Instead, we took a picture of him and photoshopped him into a picture with the wall.

That’s a funny example of what’s going on with the #nvcwishes, but on a more serious note we’ve been able to help someone who needs a bed, get someone a hearing aide, provide a Christmas morning (gifts) for two families and help feed individuals in our community and church through this project.

I’m excited and burdened by the requests coming in. We can’t help everyone, but we can help someone.

“Do for one, what you wish you could do for all.” – Andy Stanley


Pssst… you may need to let this load for a couple of minutes before you play it.

Seth Naumann is on location discovering who exactly attends New Vintage church ( The working title of this project was “Awkward Moments with Seth.” Watch to find out why.

In this episode Seth finds Kelli (aka Kelly on the hit reality show “Meet The VomSteegs” –​thevomsteegs) VomSteeg getting her hair cut by Jen Galovich. They were completely surprised.

Last night we threw a surprise birthday party for Seth Naumann. Seth is a hard-working guy that has been volunteering his time to create some art work for our children’s ministry environments at New Vintage Church. Here’s some of his work in progress…photo 4
photo 2It’s not done yet, but it is definitely going to make the room come alive. Seth has been working every night on this project for almost two weeks now. He comes after work and works at the building alone. Last night he was planning on working late, alone, at the building on his 25th birthday. We couldn’t have that. So we got some people together and threw a little surprise birthday party for him. It was good times. The two most memorable moments of the evening were when Seth said, “She gets me a cd!” and “Ah, Parties.” So funny.

Seth made it off with some gifts and even a bunch of frozen 3photo

Here’s a little video recap of what happened: