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About three weeks ago we took some of our students from Two Cities Church to the Fresno Grizzlies baseball game. It was “Christian Fellowship Night” and “My Job Depends in Ag Night.”

During the game I was taking a lot of video on my Go Pro Hero 6 Black. Some kids took notice and eventually came up to us and excitedly asked, “Are you guys YouTubers?”

Josiah thought it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Here are some highlights…

Discovering Periscope
Twitter recently acquired a small live-streaming app called Periscope. It basically allows anybody to live-stream anything from their phone at anytime, anywhere you can get wifi or cell service. It’s an infant, as far as apps go, but it’s pretty powerful. Instead of continuing to explain it… I’ll let Ellen show you:

I didn’t think it would be something I’d get into, but then I read a blog post from my friend Carey all about the possible ministry uses of Periscope and he named several recommendations for people to follow. So, being the early adopter I am, I downloaded the app and tried it out and immediately was struck by the real-time interactive element.

One of the first “scopes” I participated in was from a TV producer who was looking for pitches for shows to produce. I was only on for a couple of minutes, but I wrote in the comment box, “Celebrity Uber Drivers.” And he started talking about that. I was shocked by the feeling I felt when he mentioned my name live and starting interacting and thought, “This is pretty powerful.” I’ve been experimenting with it ever since and even egging on Paul Haugen in doing scopes with cover songs.

I also really enjoy that you can see a world map and jump on any scope you want, but I love that I can zoom in and see if anyone is doing that in my area. I want to make an impact in my area and that means connecting with people I wasn’t previously connected with and this makes it easy to have real-time interaction in a very unique way.

I’ve done several different kind of scopes:
  • Talking about what I’m reading and asking for recommendations — in this one I gave away a book
  • Talking about favorite music and asking for recommendations
  • Streaming some baby birds being fed by their mama in my dad’s backyard
  • Interviewing my son, Josiah (big hit)
  • Brainstorming for message preparation (since I am a Pastor)
  • Showing rehearsal on Sunday morning with our band (@2Cities_Church)

I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I think it’s a platform that will only grow. I know they’re working on an app for desktop and landscape view, which are in high demand.

One guy, Scott Williams, scopes several times a day and he says the key to Periscope is this… You R.O.C.K. it.

Real: Be Real
Often: Be Often
Calculated: Be calculated in what you scope about, where you scope, etc.
Kind: Be Kind

Here’s the infographic that really intrigued me.


You can download the app here and follow @micahfoster, @haugenpaul and @2cities_church to see how we begin to use it.

What do you think about this new platform?


In 2007 my wife and I each bought Crackberry (I mean Blackberry) Pearls. From the moment we bought them, our lives would forever change. This change would come with both positive and negative consequences. It’s no secret that I love to use technology to accomplish things. Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, iChat, GoogleChat, or whatever gets the job done. I remember getting what I’ll call “the jitters” during that first year of smart-phone-dom. “The Jitters” came in the form of anxiety. Anxiety that I could feel as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning. It wasn’t over social media or text… my anxiety was actually over work emails, especially the ones that came in after or before working hours or the weekends. I would fight not reading them and if it was something negative I couldn’t not take care of it. So as I fought responding, I got “the jitters.”

During that time I developed a no-read hour when I first woke up, but that discipline has slowly eroded with time.

I recently started to feel some anxiety like that again. So a few days ago I decided to do a 24-hour #techfast. A fast is a biblical term that is all about refraining from something (usually food) in order to refocus your mind on who the real sustainer of life is. My #techfast wasn’t from all technology, as my wife will point out, I used the AppleTV to watch a documentary on Netflix. It was from all electronic communications. In fact I left my iPhone off and by my bedside for the entire 24-hours and didn’t touch my computer or iPad at all.

  • social media
  • email
  • text
  • phone
  • even googling

So at 7:48am on Saturday I sent out this tweet.



It was a little harder than I anticipated, but I made it out alive. JK. But seriously, it was not easy for me. Here’s a few things I learned or re-learned in the process:

  • I need designated time away from technology
  • I need to remain present in the present, more
  • The world still goes on even if I don’t tweet about it
  • Instagram really doesn’t care if I don’t post that picture of my kids I’m dying to share
  • Facebook friends don’t really expect an immediate response to everything
  • People will leave a voicemail if it’s urgent enough
  • Vine doesn’t miss me
  • Two Cities video shoots can happen without me knowing up-to-the-minute updates
  • I am refreshed by time offline
  • I am refreshed by a clearing of my mind through reading the Bible
  • I am refreshed by a more steady and on-going prayer throughout the day
  • Technology is a tool to be used for Kingdom purposes and we often abuse the tools God allows us to use
  • When I do this, there will be a ton of voice mails, texts, emails, Facebook messages, etc when I turn my phone back on… and it’s ok to miss them for a day

The list could go on. None of these things are revolutionary, but I find it necessary to remind myself of these things and I am going to try to do this once a month, at minimum, just to hit reset on my thought processes.

What do you need to take a break from in order to reset or refill?



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I’ve watched people play with Instragram for a couple of years now, but when Facebook bought it a couple of weeks ago… I decided it was time to jump on board and start testing it out. It’s great and here’s why:

  • You can take pictures and make them look awesome
  • The filters give you a variety of awesome to choose from
  • You can follow people, like and comment within the Instragram app
  • It integrates seamlessly with both Facebook and Twitter

So, why would you twitpic and not Instragram?
Make the switch. Do it today.

The picture above is one I took on Sunday @newvintagesoco.

Find more Social Media Tips in my free eBook.


Foursquare is a social media service that is geared specifically at location-based check-ins. Companies, stores and even churches can use Foursquare to engage a different audience. The reason I enjoy using it is because I can compete with other people on how many different kinds of check-ins you can get. I’m the “mayor” at a local park… or at least I was before I was “ousted” last Sunday by someone who’s check-in more. You can also unlock “specials” for specifics places. For example, my favorite deal is at the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall. Check-in at the mall and you get a free chocolate bar if you show the guests service attendant that you’ve unlocked the deal. And there’s no limit… you could go back every day and get a free candy bar. Free is fun!

On an average Sunday, New Vintage Church has a handful of people who check-in via Foursquare. It’s a small crowd of Foursquare users, but I’m about to start something that should engage more people through Foursquare. I’m running a “special” this weekend to see what happens. When you check in at New Vintage Church, you’ll be able to unlock a special for a free drink from our coffee bar. It’s a simple thing, but I bet I’ll get more engagement out of it.

What are you doing to engage people who walk in your doors? They come in and sit down, pull out their phone and don’t look up for 5 minutes. How are you reminding them of where they are by using the very screen they’re looking down at?

For more tips on social media and the church, check out my free eBook called “Social Media Tips for the Church.”

Every week @NewVintageSoco (New Vintage Church) we engage a crowd of new people and those people regularly “like” us on Facebook. Every week I “friend” those people and thank them for “liking” New Vintage Church. If I’ve met them, I add something personal from our interaction and let them know I’m available to answer any questions.

Some people reply. Some don’t.

But here’s why I do it.

We got this tweet from a neighbor the other day. To our knowledge, she’s never come to New Vintage and never interacted with any of our people. But she is not happy with the parking situation. I blurred her picture and her twitter name to protect her. Here’s her tweet and our response:

This Guy.

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Do you recognize this man’s posture? I do. It’s the guy that always tweets during church. It’s the guy that looks down just as much as he looks up. It’s the guy who checks in on Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare during service.

And I love this guy.

It’s the guy who knows the bottom line because he tweeted it. It’s the guy who is leveraging whatever social media niche he holds for the sake of the kingdom. It’s the guy more engaged with the message than half the other people because he’s learning it through more than one method. Oral, written and visual!

I love this guy.

Do you have this guy in your church?

Easter Ad

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I’ve been laughed at for believing that Social Media would play a big roll in the future of the church. Nobody is laughing anymore. Here’s an ad that will go live in the next few days and will run until Easter Sunday, targeting Santa Rosa + 25 miles out.

My Story: Peter

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Peter Fetters shares his story.

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