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Tripp and Tyler are at it again. Here’s their follow up to A Conference Call in Real Life. If you work from home or have a virtual job, you know #TheStruggleIsReal.

Tripp & Tyler are at it again. They’ve brought you some of the best comedy-shorts/commercials that YouTube has to offer. You may recognize their work with Email in Real Life and A Conference Call in Real Life. Here you have it… their latest comedy-short/commercial, Poo-Poo Parents Say. I definitely relate to this one. I say most of these things, multiple times a day and if you have little kids, you probably do as well.


Tripp and Tyler are easily my favorite comedy duo. They create videos for businesses, organizations and just for the fun of it. I’m very jealous of how creative they are and how they seem to execute each video so well. While I may not be that creative or talented, I enjoy the fruits of their labor. They get invited to host events, guest star on various outlets and represent large brands. I’ve seen them do some things live on stages at a couple of different conferences and I’m always entertained.

In their latest video, which is actually a commercial, they explore the idea that “You’re doing Twitter wrong.” They might be on to something here.

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An Honest Facebook Lookback

February 7, 2014 — 1 Comment

An Honest Facebook Lookback

Tripp and Tyler are on a roll. If you haven’t seen their recent viral video, A Conference Call in Real Life, click here. On the 10th anniversary of Facebook, Facebook made every user a personalized “lookback” or video of their Facebook highlights. It’s pretty amazing, actually. All you have to do is follow this link, while logged in of course, and boom you can see your personalized “lookback” and it might just make you cry. But Tripp and Tyler have decided that’s the perfect thing to parody. If you think about it, the movies the Facebook team have assembled, do make all of our lives pretty fantastical. What if they were a little more honest? I’m really impressed with the speed at which Tripp and Tyler respond to pop-culture. So, go ahead and watch… An Honest Facebook Lookback (movie).

A Conference Call in Real Life

Tripp and Tyler are some of my favorite comedians. They’re more than that, but they take the old Seinfeld formula to the max. They point out everyday absurdities and make an amazing video-caricature of them. And their latest one is no exception. It might actually be my favorite video they’ve done in a long time because I can relate. When I showed Erica, my wife, this video… she almost laughed her coffee out of her nose. We both attend virtual meetings and conference calls all the time. If you’ve ever been in one, you’ll appreciate this little video. So, stop reading and watch… A Conference Call in Real Life.

Tripp and Tyler are at it again.
They released a new video tonight.

Need a Laugh?

January 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

Sometimes you just need to laugh.